Just Not Feeling It …

… the desire to blog, that is.  Which is why I’ve been quiet the last couple of days.  Don’t really know what’s up with me, but I’m feeling generally a bit out of sorts, can’t settle to anything, nothing I can put my finger on, just a bit bleugh.

Hopefully it will blow over soon, and I’ll be back to normal.

Also feeling tired today, as went out for a curry with friends last night, drank quite a lot and didn’t get home till late.  Which doesn’t help, I suppose.

In positive news, this week the postman has delivered a large selection of Green & Black’s chocolate for me to review (watch this space!), and a cheque from the Inland Revenue for £640.  So all good there.

Went to the cinema earlier this week and saw The Time Traveller’s Wife.  I read the book last year and gave up halfway through, so wasn’t sure what I’d make of the film, but I enjoyed it – I found that I got far more sense of chronology from the film, whereas I couldn’t get a handle on it in the book at all. 

Right, I’m off now – short and sweet today.  Car boot sale in the morning, so will be back then to show you my purchases.


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