Sunday Car Booty

The morning didn’t start well, as my alarm clock was an hour out this morning, telling me that it was 6.28 when in fact it was half past seven.  WTF?!  Must be the battery.  The last time my alarm clock went wrong, wouldn’t you know it, was when we need to get up at 4 am to catch a plane.  Luckily, I woke up somehow.  Now I always use my mobile as a backup when I need to be up for something important.

Anyway, I digress.  This morning’s pickings were slim, to say the least.  And so many buyers.  Perhaps because I was later than usual.

Power Rangers costume, £1, needs a jolly good wash, to sell

Dotty shoes, brand new, £1 to sell

Edinburgh Crystal glasses, £3, brand new, to sell.  Have just looked up the design name, and I think I may well make a nice profit on these, so am pleased with them.

A Man Utd hooded towel, 50p, which is destined for my Man Utd mad nephew (hope he hasn’t got one already, Amanda?)

More shoes, £1, to sell

And that’s it for today.  Like I said, slim pickings.

Have a large pile of ironing to do later, but a couple of episodes of Glee to catch up on will help it along, no doubt.  Anybody else enjoying Glee?  I just love it.


3 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. I’m sure those glasses will do well – they look immaculate. Good buy! As for the restless blah/bleurgh you mentioned in your previous post, I think we’re all feeling it a bit at the moment. Here’s to a bit of sunshine!

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