Here follows a rant – you have been warned.

My bloody husband has just informed me that he’s got a place in the London Marathon via some charity or other.  There are eight weeks to go, and not to put too fine a point on it, he’s an overweight, middle-aged bloke who drinks too much and hasn’t done any training to speak of.  Oooh, a perfect recipe for a coronary if ever I heard of one.

He did the London Marathon once before, about four years ago, and I was worried sick about him in the weeks leading up to it, and in a terrible state on the day itself.  Mainly because he didn’t train properly. 

Between now and the Marathon, we have three weekends away.  He is also running the bloody bloody hotel still,so is tearing up and down the country like a lunatic, as well as his own business (which is so busy that I’m working there almost full time at the moment as well as doing my other two jobs, and loads of eBaying as well).  So, where’s the training gonna fit in?  Answer: I don’t suppose it is.

Example of his extreme stupidity: for the last several weeks, he has been on a “diet”, which has consisted of not eating anything all day every day (just drinking coffee), and then having a small vegetarian meal in the evening with two or three glasses of red wine.  No matter how many times I’ve explained the utter ridiculousness of this, he doesn’t listen, and just carries on his own sweet way.

And just to put the icing on the cake, William and I can’t even go and spend the marathon weekend at my parents’ so I’m not by myself worrying all weekend, as they are going up to London to watch my brother running the marathon (who’s been following a rigorous training programme to the letter since early November).

I’ve just rung the charity who gave Ashley the place, and asked them if they really think it’s acceptable to offer places in a 26 mile running race to overweight, unfit people, with only eight weeks to train, in return for a payment of £1,200 to their charity.   They said they’d have to speak to their manager and get back to me.


8 thoughts on “Selfish

      • Sounds like the daft twat I’m married to! The bloke who had a total knee replacement last August and can just about get in the car thought he could drive 200 miles last weekend. Sounds callous I know but I just told him if he wanted to kill himself go ahead but make sure the insurance policy was easy to be found.

  1. Not a good idea – I do hope all goes well
    From the Mother of a long distance runner (Marathons included) I know it needs several months of proper training.
    He’s heading for a not very good day (read god awful day), mentally as well as physically

  2. You see, this is what I just don’t get about men – they are so bl**dy stupid at times! And never ever listen when their more sensible halves (women) offer them intelligent advice. I’ve got a very similar one at home too – and it drives me to distraction! As my nephew would say – they’re ‘idiot b*ggers.’

  3. If it was my husband who has signed up to several 10k runs…. and then done no training whatsoever…..and made excuses for not taking part at the last minute (its never because he wouldn’t have actually managed to run that far…..)

    fingers crossed he doesn’t try, because he won’t make it will he?

    and he should know that wine has lots of calories and he would be better off being a bit more healthy with his diet. he needs to eat properly and healthily!! (lets hope he reads this!)

  4. Thanks, everybody, for your replies.

    In reply to Mo’s question (he won’t make it, will he?), unfortunately he is one of those people who, if he broke both his legs en route, would drag himself the rest of the way using his fingernails. Stubborn is simply not the word. Which is what worries me. There’s a lot to be said for recognising one’s own limitations. And he just doesn’t.

  5. I just read your post, bit late sorry. When I was younger I ran several marathons and I took them very seriously, trained really hard, belonged to a club, it still hurt like hell on the day. I never ever did a sponsored run and I hardly ever sponsor anyone else to do so, its a recipe for disaster and encourages ill prepared people to do stupid things. I can imagine your anger, tell him the serious runners hate the jolly joggers.

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