What A Fab Weekend!

We arrived back from our weekend in London about an hour or so ago, absolutely knackered, but have had a BRILLIANT time!

Can’t believe how much we packed into 48 hours!!

Our train arrived at Paddington at around 12.30 pm on Friday, and after checking into the hotel (Grosvenor House on Park Lane – gotta love those Tesco vouchers!), we headed straight out for a nice Italian lunch and a few glasses of wine.  Next stop was Games Workshop, which Will had been itching to go to, and he and Ashley spent what felt like ages in there discussing wargaming strategy with all the other geeks other Warhammer enthusiasts.  Thankfully, there was a large Waterstones just next door, so I spent a very happy time wandering round there.    Warhammer strategy lesson duly booked in for Saturday morning, we then headed off for a little light shopping before it was time to head back to the hotel for a couple of cheeky cocktails before a quick change, and off to the theatre to see Oliver.

William loved it, Ashley and I weren’t so keen: it certainly wasn’t anywhere near as brilliant as the Lion King, which we saw last year.  But it was an enjoyable evening nonetheless, and we’ve all been breaking into appalling renditions of ‘Consider Yourself At Home’ ever since!

By the time the show finished just after ten, Will was absolutely hanging with exhaustion (too much excitement!), so we went straight back to the hotel, Will went to bed, and was asleep in about 10 seconds flat, and Ashley & I went down to the lounge for a glass of wine and a snack, which rounded off the evening nicely.

After a good night’s sleep in the comfiest bed in the whole world, we fortified ourselves for the day ahead with a full English breakfast, and then set out for our first stop of the day: Hamley’s!  A jolly hour or so was spent in there (I really really wanted a strange spidery head massager thing, but didn’t get one sadly), before it was time for the boys to get themselves back to Games Workshop for their lesson.  Difficult though you might find it to believe, I declined their kind offer to accompany them, and did some shopping by myself instead! 

By the time they’d finished, it was heading towards lunchtime, so we found a pub with a rather cosy cellar bar and stopped for some light refreshment and a good look through our purchases.  From there, more shopping (mostly of the window variety) ensued throughout the afternoon.  Ashley did offer to buy me a gorgeous little Dior handbag (still trying to get round me subsequent to the marathon debacle, I imagine), but (don’t faint) I declined, as I really, really didn’t need it, and it was VERY expensive, and I’d rather put the money towards the trip to New York that I’m planning for next Spring (don’t tell Ashley yet!).

After a brief rest at the hotel, we headed out to the 28th floor of the Hilton on Park Lane, where we had dinner at Galvin at Windows, which was absolutely fabulous, if hideously expensive.  What a view, though, over London at night – it was stunning.

This morning it was time for a bit of culture, and we visited Tate Modern, which was good (and something else to cross of my 101 list).  A bit wacky and ‘out there’, some of it, but some really lovely pieces of art as well.

And all too soon it was time to come home, to a quiet evening of unpacking and Dancing on Ice, and getting ready for the week ahead, which is already looking horrendously busy.    Before another weekend away next weekend – we’re off to Edinburgh with friends.


9 thoughts on “What A Fab Weekend!

    • I KNOW|!!|! Forgot to take my camera, only had iPhone camera, which takes RUBBISH photos, none worth printing …

  1. I was at the Tate Modern on Sunday!! We probably passed each other and didn’t even realise. How funny!

    Glad you had a good time. And about the Dior bag – what’s that saying about looking gift horses in the mouth? 😉 Though NY will be AMAZING – very jealous!


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