And There Went February!

Good Lord, where did February go?  And still not much sign of spring – thick frost again this morning, though it’s beautifully sunny.

I suppose I should review my February goals, so here goes, though I totally underestimated how busy February was going to be when I made them – perhaps I should have taken that into account!

1. Lose 7 lbs.  Haven’t weighed myself for a couple of weeks, but can assure you I haven’t lost anything this month: two long weekends away and lots of socialising in between as well have put paid to any weight loss.  Need to get my head back around this one for March.

 2. Finish off my financial overhaul from Jan

  • change electric and gas – DONE.
  • look at best option for Cash ISA – DONE
  • and also best option for savings accounts, including closing the ones that I don’t use any more, NOT DONE

 3. Make progress on at least three items from my 101 list DONE

  • No. 24 – been to theatre
  • No. 25 – made appt to give blood (not looking forward to it at all)
  • No. 75 – Visit an Art Gallery – managed to complete this twice – once in London & once in Edinburgh – two totally different types of gallery, though both enjoyable in their own way
  • No. 80 – Will & I have played Lego Minotaurus several times, which he was given for his birthday.

 4. Go out for at least 15 walks, and take a photograph of something I see during each one. – errrr, managed four out of the fifteen.  Am going to blame crap weather, dodgy knee and too much work, none of which are acceptable excuses, I know.

 5. Spend 20 minutes each day doing something creative.  – I started off really well with this, but as the month got busier and busier for me, this fell a bit by the wayside, I’m afraid.

 I’m going to have a goal-free month for March, I think.  Which isn’t to say I’m sitting back doing nothing, but I think I mentioned before that I’m doing a huge transcription job for a friend of mine who’s doing a PhD, and it’s taking up an awful lot of time at the moment, so I need to get on top of that this month, really.  That’s the plan, anyway!


One thought on “And There Went February!

  1. I do enjoy a goal-free month, which admittedly, all of mine have been lately! With the pressure off I find I do actually make more of an effort to get some things done!

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