Chocolate & Hair Products

I was beyond excited when the a package containing the above selection of Green & Black’s chocolate was delivered by the postman a few weeks ago.  Sad individual that I am, I spent quite a while just gazing at them laid out on the table, and rearranging them into different orders.  Ridiculous, I know. 

Anyway, Ashley, William and I have now come to the end of our very arduous testing process, and we can confirm that they are all ABSOLUTELY YUMMY!  William’s fave was the white chocolate, Ashley liked the dark chocolate with cherries (which was my least favourite), and I plumped for the milk chocolate with butterscotch pieces.   Mmm, it’s making my mouth water all over again, just typing this!

I was also sent some miniature hair products to test by John Frieda – a shampoo, conditioner and blow dry lotion from their Luxurious Volume range.   The shampoo and conditioner performed quite well, and the fragrance was pleasant, though could have done with being a little bit stronger, I thought.  The shampoo lathered very well, and didn’t need two applications like so many do. 

I’m afraid I didn’t rate the blow dry lotion, though, and was quite disappointed that the final result wasn’t particularly shiny, as that is one of the claims of this new range.  My hair did feel nice, though, and was easy to manage for the next couple of days without having to wash again.


6 thoughts on “Chocolate & Hair Products

  1. Now chocolate hair products would be a goodun..

    I’m interested what you do to get sent these products to test??

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