Spring Has Sprung

It’s still freezing cold, but the sun has been shining and it just seeing the blue sky makes it feel as though spring is on the way.

And I’ve got a bit of the spring cleaning bug.  Having cleared out the cupboard under the sink over the weekend, I decided to go through all the kitchen cupboards at the rate of one a day for the next week or so (I get bored if I do them all at once – pitiful attention span!).

William and I also made a start on going through some of his stuff last night: what is it about children, they are just the world’s worst hoarders, does anybody else find this?  We came upon all sorts of bits and bobs, and I’d ask where something came from (eg the inside of a Bic biro or a random bit of plastic – yes, really!)

Oh, I found it in the school playground.

Okaaay so why did you pick it up and bring it home?

I just wanted to. 

Shall we get rid of it then?

No, I might need it.


Ashley’s away this week until Thursday, and it’s quite nice to have some time to myself, watching back to back Glee last night without being moaned at was a nice change!

William and I also watched Lambing Live on BBC2, which was brilliant.  It’s on every night this week, and is well worth a look, particularly for kids – the BBC at its best.


4 thoughts on “Spring Has Sprung

  1. I have a good ruthless clear out of the kids cupboards when they are at school – the only thing they notice when they get back is that they are tidy and they can actually see a lot more toys than they could before!!

  2. I know just what William means!!!
    Yesterday I picked up a feather & an OLD pink clothes peg from the beach. Then there was a bottle top that may come in handy. Oh & what about that empty snail shell, I’m sure I will need that!

  3. I have a hoarder here too.
    Naughty as it is I tend to get rid of things when he isn’t around. I know what the truly important things are and he has even sold stuff in the past he had as presents and never used, I think that helped!
    Lisa x

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