Saturday: Cooking & A DVF Wrap Dress

I’ve just been to drop William at karate, and decided to have a little meander into town as the sun was shining and I had a couple of library books to pick up.  This trip involved passing two charity shops, one of which is Barnardo’s, my least favourite in town as they always seem to have higher prices than the other charity shops in town.  I ummed and ahhed whether to go in or not, and eventually decided that I would do.

And I found …… for the princely sum of £5 ….. a Diane Von Furstenberg 100% silk wrap dress.  Yes,  really!!


Size 8, and it looks brand new, as if it’s never been worn.  It’ll never fit me, but it will be netting me an extremely tidy profit on eBay very soon.  Possibly my best ever charity shop buy.

I also picked up a pair of MaxMara trousers for £1.50, and a really pretty In Wear skirt for £1.50, also destined for eBay.  Hooray!  Not forgetting a Boden linen skirt for 50p in the other charity shop I visited. 

A good morning’s shopping, methinks.

Changing the subject completely, Ashley was given this beautiful cookery book by some friends for his birthday in December.

It’s full of Eastern & Northern European recipes, which are favourites of ours: we’ve eaten some fabulous food our on trips to Poland, Prague and Budapest over the last few years.

Anyway, last night I tried one of the receipes  – Goulash Soup with Caraway Dumplings, and it was absolutely delicious, so I thought I’d show you a pic (why do my food pictures always look vile?)

It was super-tasty, a real winter warmer recipe, and surprisingly tasted just like the ones I remembered from our travels.  I shall be cooking more from this book very soon.

Still on the subject of cooking, Liz at Cupcakes recommended Rose Elliot’s vegetarian cookery books in a comment on my vegetarian post a while ago.   I’ve just picked up one of her books from the library, and am looking forward to having a look through it later – so thanks for the recommendation, Liz.


11 thoughts on “Saturday: Cooking & A DVF Wrap Dress

  1. What great finds! I’m envious!
    My local charity shops are rapidly going down hill – I think Mary Queen of Shops has been instructing them as now Primark sells for top dollar and anything with a label seems to go into their ebay shop.

  2. Wouldn’t you know every other comment was about the beautiful dress, and I can’t get past the soup. I think it looks yummy, and was hoping you would share the recipe.

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