Journal Jar Q36: What Are Your Wishes When You Die? Do Your Nearest & Dearest Know?

I don’t like this question.  I don’t want to think about dying or being dead.  It disturbs me.  So I have only two things to say.

1. I want to be cremated.

2. I don’t want anybody to wear black to my funeral.

That’s it.


4 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q36: What Are Your Wishes When You Die? Do Your Nearest & Dearest Know?

  1. It disturbs me as well. But I echo both of your points plus there is a particular song I want played at mine!

  2. I know it’s a difficult subject to think about and it’s definitely a taboo but it’s great that you have put a bit of thought into it.

    I have a bit of a weird obsession with reading about death and understanding how it all works and I’ve read some brilliant books that have encouraged me to think about my wishes. Subsequently I’ve had some great conversations with my family about our beliefs and what we want to happen when we die. It’s brought us closer together and when anything does happen (hopefully in a million years) I think I’ll be more comfortable and prepared for dealing with the funeral stuff and better equipped to deal with my grief.

    It’s a really touchy subject, it’s never too early to think about but it can definitely be too late.

    And now lets smile again!

  3. I hate thinking about this too. Almost as much as I hate the ‘what will happen to our kids if both of us die’ scenario. Both were last discussed in our lawyer’s office as we redrafted our wills.
    We also have the issue of stay/leave USA. Family in UK but kids born and raised here.

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