(Really Rubbish) Sunday Car Booty

What with the hour forward and the forecast rain, I wasn’t ancipating a particularly good boot sale this morning, and my expectations weren’t wrong: there were fewer sellers today than on any of the freeeeeezing Sundays throughout the winter – very disappointing indeed.

And today’s haul is a reflection of that disappointment – I haven’t come home with so little for months!

2 Slimming World books, 50p each, to sell

A brand new blow up baby bath, £1 to sell

Very large Evans ladies jeans, £1, brand new, to sell.

New Looks wedges, 50p – I bought these to sell, but they are my size, and are very ‘this season’ with the nude colour, so I might well keep them.

Right, today’s chore is to start on tidying up my office, which I think is going to take most of this coming week.  I’m looking forward to a break from eBay sales (my last sales end this week, and I won’t start again until the end of the school holidays) as I’ve had some horrible buyers recently (in amongst the majority of very nice ones, I hasten to add).

But my office is a TIP – boxes exploding full of stock everywhere, piles of paperwork, filing to be done, packaging stewn all over the place – you get the picture, I’m sure.  So, starting small, I’m going to clear the top of the cupboard, and sort the paperwork today. 

And then get back to my book (Restless by William Boyd), a very exciting WW2 spy story – review coming over at The Book It List very soon.

Just as a footnote, I am now restored to equilibrium subsequent to yesterday’s car vandalism incident.  I’ve given myself a stiff talking to and put the whole thing into perspective: very annoying, but not life threatening and in the big scheme of things, not really something that matters very much.  My poor friend A has recently discovered that her husband’s business has been failing for ages, and he had taken out numerous (personal) loans which he’s now defaulting on because he can’t pay them back.  They are having to sell their house and move to a tiny place.  Her husband now has no work, and her sixteen year old daughter dropped out of college last September, and despite being offered a job recently, refused to take it.  A runs round after her family all the hours God sends, as well as holding down a nearly full time job, selling frantically on Ebay in order to try and make the next payment on the mortgage till the house is sold, and spending her Sundays selling at car boot sales to try and get rid of all the stuff that she won’t be able to take to her new home because it won’t fit.

So, really, when I think about it, a scratched car door is just an annoyance really – nothing more.

Have a lovely Sunday, everybody – and yay, next week is only a four day one!


6 thoughts on “(Really Rubbish) Sunday Car Booty

  1. How very annoying about your car and nasty ebayers, and your friends situation sounds just hideous, I hope things turn around for her and her family.
    Lisa x

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