No Let Up

I don’t know what the weather’s been like elsewhere in the UK, but here in Devon, after about a week of sunshine at the beginning of March, the rain and cloud has been absolutely RELENTLESS ever since.  I haven’t been able to hang the washing outside for well over a fortnight, and the days are so dark that I need the lights on in the house nearly all the time. 

Spring?  Pah!

So I’ve just looked up the weather forecast online for Easter.  And I quote:

Good Friday – rain

Easter Saturday – light rain

Easter Sunday – light rain

Easter Monday – drizzle

Not very inspiring, is it? 

The trouble is, I’m having such difficulty motivating myself: this endless wet cloudy weather does nothing for my get up and go at all, and I find myself mooching around the house getting very little done.  It just feels as though winter has gone on forever.   And no sign of any improvement in the near future.

And tomorrow is the last day of school before the Easter Holidays start.  The thought of spending yet another school holiday cooped up indoors finding things to do is not one I’m relishing, to be honest.  I wish I’d booked a holiday abroad for Easter.

Actually, I’m once again beginning to harbour thoughts of living somewhere hot and sunny (or at least, hotter and sunnier than this).


8 thoughts on “No Let Up

    • If we didn’t have family and responsibilities here, yes, like a shot. But in reality, no – how could Ashley leave his mother – who would run her life, her finances and her hotel?! And then there’s the business, and William’s education etc etc. It’s not a real possibility, is it? But’s it’s nice to dream on a wet dark day like today! x

  1. This really has been the never-ending winter hasn’t it. As I’m typing the rain is lashing against the windows and it’s as dark as can be even though it’s 9.30 am.

    Generally, the weather is much less wet in the east of England (and having grown up in Bristol I know how wet the West Country can be) but these last few months have been as wet, cold and miserable in Essex as anything I’ve ever encountered over in the west. I think we’ve all had enough now – bring on Spring for goodness sake.

    Thanks for your very helpful comment re: the motorbike business in the garage next door, it was much appreciated.

  2. Devon is one of the wettest places in the UK. I always use to be “England’s such a wet, wet place” until I realised this! London isn’t so bad as Ireland cops it for us!

  3. But thik how green everything is/will be. Here there is so little rain the grass dies…then in summer we have to pay ridiculous amounts (think 800 USD a month, yes 800) to use sprinkler systems and keep grass alive . . . . .

    I miss the rain….

  4. I know, it’s crazy isn’t it. Although having said that there was still frost and ice when I went into hospital… I didn’t even see the sky for like a month!!
    Thank you for your comment. It means a lot!

  5. I am so cheesed off with this weather. I have been feeling quite low these past few days and I’m sure the endless greyness has got something to do with it!
    I was hoping for Spring walks this holiday, not much chance of that!
    Lisa x

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