The Start of the Easter Hols

Today is the first day of the Easter Holidays, and (sharp intake of breath), it has dawned bright and sunny!  (The weather forecasters assure us this isn’t going to last, however, and it’s back to rain and cloud tomorrow – oh joy.  We went down to the local pub for meal last night to celebrate the start of the holidays, and despite only having three glasses of wine, I awoke with a vicious headache this morning.  Two Nurofen seem to have sorted it out, I’m glad to say.

We had planned a day in today, as we had to wait in for the man coming to mend the oven, but he phoned at 8.15, and said that he’d been sent the wrong parts by Head Office, so would have to rebook to come when he had the right parts.  At least this means that Will and I can get out and enjoy the sunshine.

I haven’t made a to do list for ages, but I feel the need for one today, so here it is:

  • Go through large pile of stuff that had to come out of the airing cupboard yesterday so the chap could mend the boiler, and put it away.
  • Do at least one load of laundry and dry it outside.
  • Continue with office tidying – shelf under desk, and window sill to be tackled today.
  • Make shopping list and go to Tesco (bleugh)
  • Hoover landing and my bedroom.
  • Two eBay parcels to post, hopefully three if the last customer hurries up and pays.
  • Do something outside in the sunshine with William, a walk or a bike ride perhaps.
  • Declutter William’s bookshelf with him, and also his PS2 shelf.
  • Try on new clothes that arrived yesterday and decide which (if any) to keep.
  • Make sweet and sour pork with William, from his new cook book, for dinner.

Right, best get to it then.


5 thoughts on “The Start of the Easter Hols

  1. Have a fab day, but have to admit I too made a noise similar to bleurgh when I saw go to tesco on the list.. Bleurgh indeedy!

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