Not A Lot To Say Today …

… so here’s a few photos, instead …

Ron keeping warm on the radiator (having finally got over the trauma of having a new flea collar put on – he was distraught for 24 hours!)

Gorgeous Mother’s Day flowers still looking nearly as good as the day they were bought – wow!

Same flowers, but I’ve been learning about the colour swap mode on my camera.  Cool, huh?

William’s pudding in the pub on Wednesday evening – yum!

I’ve been practising the cocktail I’m going to make for our Cocktails & Canapes evening tomorrow.  Raspberry & Chilli Margarita.  Been practising drinking it, too!

As advertised it is indeed p***ing down with rain outside.  Lovely.


5 thoughts on “Not A Lot To Say Today …

    • Wish you lived around the corner – I’ve a feeling you and I would get on well! Will post pics of the whole evening on Sun – am planning a VERY quiet day to get over the festivities!

    • Easy peasy – a mixture of tequila, raspberry liqueur, a few drops of tabasco, lime juice, and sugar syrup. Adjust to taste!

  1. Aww pusscat! We can’t put flea collars on Lyle; he gets awful irritations that lead to gaping wounds so we use Frontline. Lovely flowers 🙂

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