Cocktail Night

Yesterday’s cocktail and canapes evening went fabulously, think everybody had a good time (some even had too good a time, namely Ashley, who was discovered fast asleep fully dressed under the duvet after popping upstairs to the loo, at 10.30 pm!)

The evening’s winner of the best cocktail was Faye, with her champagne and peach concoction which was just gorgeous.  Julie & Baz made a gin based cocktail with cranberry and elderflower, which was yummy as well, and it was garnished with tiny edible stars floating on the top – brilliant.  All the canapes went down well, particularly Ashley’s homemade sushi.

And after all those cocktails, we had a cheese fondue (how very 1970s!), which soaked up some of the booze nicely.  Having never made a fondue before in my life, I was pleased with how it turned out.

Pudding was mars bar cheesecake, which I totally forgot to take a photograph of, but was definitely a winner, and I’ll be making another of those in the not too distant future.  William had the last slice for his breakfast this morning! 

Ashley’s abrupt departure did nothing to dampen festivities, and I eventually poured them all into a taxi at around 1 am.  A very late night for me!  I suspect there may have been some sore heads this morning, though not in this household, I’m delighted (and quite surprised) to report.

And in one evening, I managed to complete no less than three of the tasks on my 101 list

  • Eat a fondue
  • Have a cocktails and canapes evening
  • Wear false eyelashes

The eyelashes (I bought the pre-glued ones) were surprisingly easy to put on and I loved them!  Will definitely be wearing them again.

Happy Easter everybody xx


6 thoughts on “Cocktail Night

  1. Ahhh!!! Which fake eyelashes did you get? I tried some a couple of weeks ago and they were RIDICULOUS (even though the packaging said they were “natural”). I got the Miss Eyelure Lashlets.


    • Hi Kat – just fished the packet out of the bin – they were Eyelure Ready to Wear Pre Glued Lashes. Quite long, but not at all thick, and I cut them down a little bit so they’d look more natural. x

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