The Things They Say

Conversation with William over lunch today:

Me:   So, did you enjoy your sleepover at Jamie’s last night?

Will:  Yes, it was great.

Me:   Did you sleep in Jamie’s room with him?

Will:   Yes, I had a mattress on the floor.  Jamie’s got his own bathroom, too.

Me:   Has he?

Will:   Yes, and he’s got a deebay.

Me:   Sorry, a what?

Will:   A deebay.

Me:   Sorry, darling,  I don’t know what you mean.  What’s a deebay?

Will:   You know, Mum, like we had in Greece.

Me:  In Greece?

Will (getting exasperated by my stupidity): You KNOW, Mum, where you wash your bottom!!

Me: Oh!  A bidet!


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