Spring Is In The Air

The sun is shining, and is due to continue to shine for a few days – hooray!  Specially as we’re off to Moonfleet Manor for a family weekend with my parents, and my brother and his family, which we’re all looking forward to.

After that, Ashley has to go up to West Sussex to the hotel for a few days, and Will and I are going to stay at my parents’ for a few days.  So we’ll be away for a week altogether, which will be a lovely break – no shopping, cooking or housework for a whole week – fabbity fab!

In honour of the nice weather, I painted my toenails this morning for the first time this year …

… and today I’ve been wearing my lovely pink shoes for the first time, as well …

… they remind me of Alice in Wonderland and make me want to skip (yeah, I know, WTF?)

And I bought a gorgeous pair of brand new white linen trousers from the charity shop for only £4 on Monday, and a fabulous white linen top (£2.50) as well ….

I had another quick whizz round town this morning while Will was at karate, and had time to ‘do’ just one charity shop, and found a pair of brand new ladies Boden trousers wool/linen blend, tags still attached, for £3.50, which will hopefully make a nice profit on Ebay, and also a pair of Wallis cropped jeans for me, for another £3.50. 

Posting will be a little sporadic over the next week, but I’ll still be around, so have a fabulous weekend, everyone, and enjoy the lovely sunshine xx


10 thoughts on “Spring Is In The Air

  1. you have some seriously great charity shops in your area…… love the top n trews combo you found. And top photos too. am liking your style!

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