Down Time

I’ve really enjoyed having a week away from home – first a couple of days at Moonfleet, followed by several days at my parents’ with William.  There’s something so nice about spending time in the house one grew up in.

It’s been a lovely opportunity to have some quality time with Will – at home there always seems to be something to do, some task demanding my attention, and that couldn’t be further from the case here – real proper ‘down time’.  We’ve played games, watched TV together, been on little outings down to the village, been to the cinema and saw How to Train Your Dragon in 3D (wow, totally amazing, that whole 3D thing!), and just spent time doing not very much at all.  It’s been great.

So, Mum & Dad have gone to Spain for a week today (gotta love those £5 Ryanair return fares – hope they don’t need the loo on the way, though!).  Luckily they were flying from Bournemouth Airport, which doesn’t seem to have been affected by this big dust cloud from the volcano in Iceland (yet).

Amanda, my SIL, is coming over this morning to pick me up as I’m carless, Ashley having taken my car to Sussex after dropping me off here, and we’re off to the beach for a walk with the kids.  Then Ashley’s coming to collect us at around 3pm to go home.

It’s been a lovely week away, and I really feel as though I’ll be going home reinvigorated and ready to attack all those things that need attacking.  And I promise to catch up with reading and commenting on everybody’s blogs in the next few days – although I’ve been writing, I haven’t been reading very much this week.


6 thoughts on “Down Time

  1. Welcome back! Glad to hear you’ve had a good time but good to have you home (well, in the blogosphere!).

    I have a sneaky love of those few days post going away when everything’s been slightly messy and I’ve eaten really unhealthily because like you I feel really energised ready to get going again.

    K xx

  2. Its good to be away and not have much to do – does William know how much it means for you to be back in your childhood home? With a bit of luck he’ll feel that way in years to come when he returns to the house you live in now – unless you sell that is

  3. My parents bought their house before I was born, and it was the only home I ever knew. I feel kind of bad that we have moved several times and that my children don’t know that feeling of a home anchor like I did.

    Glad you had a lovely week!

  4. How lovely for you and William to have the opportunity to stay in what used to be your home. Sadly, the house (which was also a shop) I spent my first 20 years living in was demolished some years ago.

    Have a good weekend.

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