The Gallery – Portraits

Tara’s theme over at The Gallery  this week is portraits, and I’m definitely not going to win any prizes for fabulous photography with my entry! 

It’s a photo of my parents at my Dad’s surprise 60th birthday celebration (almost 12 years ago now – where does time go to), taken with a cheap pre-digital film camera *gasps in horror*!

The colour is really dodgy, the net curtain in the background is dreadful (luckily it was taken in a restaurant, so I’m not going to upset anybody with my opinion of the decor!), and the picture itself has been cut up appallingly because I wanted it to fit in a particular frame.

Having said all that, however, I just LOVE this photograph – Mum & Dad look so happy and relaxed, and it brings back memories of a really fantastic evening.  This photo does everything that a photo should in my opinion, and that’s why I’ve chosen it for this week’s Gallery.


16 thoughts on “The Gallery – Portraits

  1. I agree, everything a family photo should be. Your parents look so happy, the dodgy curtains will spark off memories of the night itself and the fact that it’s been cut up to fit in a frame just shows that it’s been displayed and loved!

  2. That’s a really lovely photo – they look so happy!. If you ever want to sort out the lighting and colour – I’ve had to do it on loads of our old photos – pop over to Picnik with it 🙂

  3. Awwww, you really captured a lovely moment there. Good photography isn’t always about clinical composition and backgrounds – I think this is a LOVELY photo. Well done you


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