Fighting The Clutter Monster

April and May in our house are always HIDEOUS months for clutter.

Because I have too many clothes (and shoes!) to keep in the hanging and drawer space I have available, I have to keep my summer stuff in storage boxes in the loft during the winter, and vice versa.  Oh, I SO need a walk-in wardrobe!

And the same with eBay stock: winter stock is stored up in the loft during the summer and vice versa. 

Which all makes for a very messy and cluttered house when it all converges in the middle, which has happened over the last week or so. 

Jo from Not Now Later asked me last week where I store all my eBay stock, and the short answer to that is that it SHOULD theoretically all fit into this big canvas storage cupboard in the office:

However in reality, it doesn’t, and I currently have exploding boxes of stuff all over the place, which really need sorting out. 

And there’s a corner in the spare bedroom piled high with yet more stuff, as well.

And storage boxes all over the landing:

And clothes all over the floor and more storage boxes in my bedroom:

Not to mention hundreds of shoes taking over the floor of the office, waiting to be sold:

I don’t know how I have the audacity to moan and Ashley and William for their untidiness, really!


7 thoughts on “Fighting The Clutter Monster

  1. Hi You made me laugh, I am having exactly the same problem ! Our little ‘office’ is in danger of an avalanche happening. We can just about wiggle in sideways to get to the computer. The same with the summer clothes which were all over the landing until a couple of days ago when finally sorted.
    I cant remember what stock I have under the piles as I keep getting more ! oh well good fun !
    Have a good day

  2. I have a very similar problem – bits and bobs for selling on ebay all over the place. The floor of the wardrobe is a total disgrace with all sorts of things piled up higgledy piggledy on top of each other – goodness knows whats lurking at the bottom of the pile!!

  3. I’m glad somebody else’s house is full of overflowing boxes 🙂 Unfortunately though mine aren’t full of eBay stock, just stuff I need to sort out properly. We would have to build an extension if I started buying stuff to sell. Still tempted though. Thanks for sharing Caroline.

  4. Oh my goodness…I SO love you for posting this! This week my clutter turned on me and threatened my life! I tripped over a pile in my home office, and fell, hitting my head on the desk chair. Bad enough in itself, but I’m on blood thinners! I was very lucky, and have been berating myself ever since for not keeping things under better control. Thank you for letting me know I’m not alone! (and be on guard for sneaky ambush by clutter!)

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