Blog Reading – How Do YOU Do It?

I’ve posted before about what I look for in a blog, and what makes me want to continue reading.  But lately I’ve been thinking about this again, and a comment Amy made on Twitter yesterday about feeling a bit sad when she decides she doesn’t gel with a particular blog and decides not to read it any more, got me to pondering a bit more.

 In my Google Reader, there are currently 46 blogs. 

 I add and delete very regularly, but have a ‘core’ of around 15 blogs which stay there through thick and thin, and are my ‘long-term’ reads.

 I tend to have three or four blog reading sessions a week, and generally read from top to bottom as they pop up in my reader (though sometimes I’ll pick out a few favourites to read first).

 What attracts me in the first place:

  • an element of something personal in the writing
  • anything to do with thrifting or bargain hunting immediately sucks me in
  • humour/makes me laugh
  • well written, succinct posts, without too many huge long paragraphs

 What keeps me reading:

  • regular posts
  • content that I can relate to and which entertains me
  • reciprocal commenting (to clarify: if I’ve found a blog I like, and have commented on posts several times, and have not had any response to my comments either by a comments on my blog, a response comment on their own blog, that does tend to put me off a bit, unless the content is exceptional).

 So, what do you look for in a blog?

How many blogs do you read?

Once they’re in your reader, are they in for good, or do you swap and change about?

 I’d love to know.


19 thoughts on “Blog Reading – How Do YOU Do It?

  1. I have far too many in my blog, but I do try and comment when a post has inspired me to and I love to develop a relationship, which is why I read a lot and I also dont cull very often!

  2. I have lots, a chunk of beauty blogs, a chunk of healthy living and a chunk of real life (as I term it) blogs. Personally I try and read daily as I follow so many. I probably do a cull about every quarter but inbetween I also add and delete if I’m not gelling. I know that this is a funny term but I really want to like the blogger, I like to feel as if I know them a bit and sometimes there are things that get in the way. Like one blog about healthy living but to me the blogger looks underweight and unhealthy…I can’t read her blog and think that – the two conflict. Recently I have found a lot of the beauty blogs I follow just get skim-read so I probably need a culling session… Plus I love commenting on each others blogs, I think it is really important although sometimes don’t have time and then forget to (like with your LV bag find, I am so jealous and would so snatch it off you if I could but forgot to comment that lol).


  3. How many blogs do I read? Far too many, much more than in my favourites list. But it’s like the online version of people watching (which I’ve always done) and I’m kind of addicted. I’m not sure what draws me in initially, probably just something that catches my eye at that particular time, be it a photograph or piece of writing. I suppose I gravitate towards the general lifestyle blogs which have no particular theme or focus and I love finding new ones so that I can do all of that catching up. And yes, I have ditched some along the way.

  4. I seem to be following a lot of blogs at the moment! The ones I like tend to involve thrifty shopping, interesting homes and ingenious dressing.
    I particularly love blogs written by older women, young girls showing off their latest high street purchases get a bit tedious!
    I do cull occasionally as I don’t like blogs with mindless produce plugging and promotions and I’ve found that as blogs get more readers they tend to do this…if I wanted adverts I’d read a magazine!

  5. I have over 150 in my reader.. i do review from time to time, but tend to keep ones that haven’t posted in a time just in case they come back!

    Anything to do with infertility, thrifting and paying off the debt as well as crochet / crafting does it for me!

  6. I love blogs which show the blogger’s personality or lifestyle and I love blogs that make me laugh. I also like a blog which will inspire me and teach me a thing or two with a nifty thrift idea or a good recipe.

    I cull all the time though, like you, have a core of 10-15 which I’m sure I’ll be following until I’m old and grey or until they stop blogging (whichever comes first).


  7. Hmmm. I’m being a bad blogger recently, both reading and posting and I can’t work out why…

    I have a number of blogs in my reader and either read regularly or sporadically.
    I like some GENUINE home making ones (not the ones who seem to have more money than sense and have a million readers LOL), thrifting ones and generally frugal ones.

    They disappear off my blog reader if they haven’t posted for several months.

  8. I have just done a bit of a cull as it happens. a few frugal simple living type blogs I read, some about interior decorating, lately a few more arty blogs as I am getting into that side of things. I like personal blogs and people who update regularly enough for me not to think that they have just stopped and given up. What’s the point of someone who doesn’t do it any more… And sometimes I like the look of something, initially but then something – yes it doesn’t gel.

  9. I have far to many in my reader. I need to cut down but feel bad for leaving some out. Its so hard to decide who to follow and who not.

    I tend to have mass google reader evenings where i catch up and comment.

    If people post on twitter i tend to read there and then.

  10. I have a handful of favourites (you, Kat, Laura etc) that I always check first and the rest of my reader is made up from fashion, cookery, photography, music, film, home and lifestyle blogs although there are a few random things in there too.

    I usually go through my reader when I’m bored at work but I don’t have time to comment which means I am sorely lacking in that department. Anything I want to comment on I leave unread for later on but I always feel like I should make more of an effort. I love so many posts but don’t always let the writer know.

    I have a cull when I notice that I’m just skimming through posts and I’ve not commented on anything for a while. However, there are blogs like and that I love reading but would never comment on because they already get like HUNDREDS of comments on every single post. Seriously, how do people handle that? Well, they are full time bloggers so that’s probably how!

  11. I have a lot on my list from ages ago when I first started reading them. A lot have stopped updating at all – or post so seldom….
    I like reading about peoples’ lives (especially in UK)…book blogs (obviously) – and also I read a fair few medical ones. Have met a blogger once – which was fab – felt just like we’d known each other for ever.

  12. I have far too many in my Google Reader! There are some I read every day without fail, and others I dip in and out of. I like humour and I love colourful photographs. Most of them are craft-related in some way, and I love seeing people’s homes because I’m nosey I suppose! I do cull occasionally, but only very occasionally…. Oh, and I love blog-hopping by going to the comments section and finding other commenters and seeing if I like their blogs 🙂

  13. I tend to follow a few specific ones daily, and then catch up on other ones on my days off. The company I work for blocks all blogs, so I am often up quite late checking in on friends (like right now it– is 12:30 a.m.) They might as well let me read at work…sleep deprivation does not lead to productivity. 🙂

  14. I regualary cull mine, sometimes blogs ‘wander off’ on stuff i’m not really interested in and i find it hard to pick up again.

    Yours is one of my favorites (so interested in your bargains) and updated regualary. Vintage vixen and frugal queen are my top faves too. I like the shabby chic ones but get completly ‘lost’ in pictures so i try to avoid them beacause nothing else gets done!! I check them daily but only really have half an hour so i check the ones that i know will be updated, leaving the no so regular till i have more time.

    Sharron x

      • Ha, no i don’t have a blog, unfortunatly i have so many blogs on my blog list i don’t have the time!! I’m not sure anybody would be that interested in my life! I love thrifty blogs, i love carbooting ( I’m an ex-spendaholic!) and realised a couple of years ago i was working to fund my consumerism, costing me time with my kids, so something had to give. I’m now a (almost) stress free sahm mum to 4 kids and life is pretty much the same evderyday!! keep doing what your doing-i love it!!

        Sharron x

  15. I have LOADS of blogs in my Reader and have to admit to skim-reading almost all of them, pausing when something catches my interest but using the “like” or “share” facility quite a lot.

    Instead of having a blog roll on my own blog I have a link direct to my G-Reader which shows everything I “share”. I also click through from G-Reader to comment (like this).

    I do try to read everything and keep on top of it but start to panic when the number of unread posts gets quite high…

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