Can’t believe that I’ve had to turn the heating back on – I’m freezing.  What’s happened to spring?

Ashley has asked me if I can work full time in his office next week, as his secretary is totally snowed under and they need some general admin help.  That’s a nasty shock to the system: clearly he’s forgotten that I already have two part-time jobs, a busy eBay business to run, and am currently up to my eyes in a PhD transcription job for a friend!!   So I’ve negotiated it down to four days, finishing at 3.30 pm so I can pick Will up from school at 4.  But am still reeling at the prospect!

Hence I’m spending the weekend doing the transcription work that was earmarked for next week. 

Oh well, it’s all money towards the New York trip that I’m thinking about for next spring.

More interestingly, I had a quick rootle around the Barnardo’s charity shop in town yesterday morning, after a thwarted trip to return some books to the library (apparently the library was not opening until 10.30 am due to the previous day’s election – WTF?).

Barnardo’s is currently one of my most favourite charity shops, as all the clothes are between £1.50 and £3.00, which is considerably less than in most of the others.  So for the grand total of £9.50 I got:

For me, a silk black and white tunic top, and a pair of black linen cropped trousers.

A pair of black pinstripe Jaeger trousers to sell, a Mothercare maternity denim skirt to sell, a pair of plus size ladies trousers from Evans to sell, and a brand new black strappy top with built in bra from M&S for me.

It almost made up for not being able to return my library books!


11 thoughts on “Saturday

  1. What a haul, Caroline!
    That swirly print silk tunic has to be my favourite, perhaps you can wear a polo neck and a thermal vest underneath it. The thought of bare arms today makes me shiver.
    Have a great weekend, try not to waork too hard!

  2. Love that top. Will remember that Charity Shop to hit before the others when we are back.
    Does your Library not have a drop off box for out of hours? Ours does and I love it. (Secret = it is a drive through drop off box – you don’t even need to get out of the car to return your books!).

    Currently reading a Library book that was only available in Large Print (John Hart’s The Last Child). Feel a bit of a pensioner and daunted by 600+ pages. The pages are also v v thin….

    • No drop off box sadly. They should do, though. Loving the thought of drive through drop off box – fantastic! I read Down River by John Hart a couple of years ago. Seem to remember quite enjoying it.

  3. Don’t know how you manage to find bargains in charity shops Caroline. Ours are well over priced and even my secret thrifting ones have suddenley had a price hike! No good names either – just expensive tat.

    Well done on your finds. And don’t work TOO hard next week.

  4. I went to a church Spring fair today and bought a fab pair of black shoes for £1.00 and thought of you as you always seem to get great shoes at a good price!
    Lisa x

  5. Hello Caroline
    Mumof4 has mentioned my query about your library not having a drop off box – mind you if there are fines to be paid they won’t accept the cash in an envelope dropped in through the hole in the wall lol
    That was a nice haul you managed to score – I particularly like the black/white silk shirt, it should look good with the black pants
    Take care

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