Sunday Car Booty

It’s really cold and unpleasant here again today, and having spent almost all day yesterday in front of the computer yesterday, I’m determined not to do so today, so here is a very quick car booty post.

2 lovely pale pink lambswool cardigans, 30p each, one for me, one to sell.  Photo makes them look like two dishrags, but they’re really nice in real life!


Crocs 50p, Nike Air trainers £2.50 (like new), and New Look wedges £1 brand new, all to sell

Johnson’s Holiday Skin Body Lotion (I love this stuff) 20p for me, YSL shower gel £1, and Virgin Vie Shower Mousse £1

Faith yellow shoes (shame they’re not my size, I really like them), brand new £1, baby Adidas trainers 50p, 2 pairs brand new Vertbaudet boys boots 50p each – all to sell.

And today’s star item, a vintage Yves Saint Laurent red handbag, in perfect condition, complete with authenticity card, £7.  Much as I love a designer handbag, this one doesn’t really do it for me, so it will be up for  sale soon.  A similar one missing a shoulder strap sold on Ebay this week for £53, so I should make a nice profit on this.

Enjoy your Sunday, everybody x


6 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. You bought the YSL at a car boot?!?!?!?

    It amazes me that people don’t try flog high value stuff like that for themselves on Ebay! But awesome, great find!!!

  2. Wow – a YSL handbag at a boot fair, excellent find. No boot sales around here this morning as the weather is vile – freezing cold and drizzly rain. But I did have a wonderful find at yesterday’s table top sale so can’t really complain.

  3. Isn’t it exciting to find a designer bargain at a boot sale? Even if it isn’t your style it’s still nice to know there’s bargains out there.
    It’s glorious here today, no booting ‘cos we have chores…boo!

  4. Some good deals! Those crocs look v new and are a lot more money over here.
    My kids are excited about going to a British Car Boot Sale again. Hope there will be good weather for it!

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