Unanswerable Questions …

1.   I really must get my car booked in to get the door dealt with – why have I not got around to this yet?  It will take less than five minutes to organise.

2.   Are Ashley and I really the only parents who found the school play utterly and mind-numbingly tedious (other than the five second bit William was in, obviously)?  Even the kids acting in it looked bored to tears.

3.   Why is it that the whole weekend is freezing cold, wet and miserable, and Monday morning rolls round bright and sunny and beautiful?

4.   How come, when Ashley’s mum offered to take us out for a meal tomorrow night, have I ended up with her coming around here for a takeaway?

5.  However much I declutter, there is still so much more that needs to be done.  Why?

6.   How am I going to lose two stone before going on holiday at the beginning of July when between now and then, I have a trip to London planned, at least four social engagements which will involve lots of drinking and eating, and now I’ve just booked four days in Spain at half term? 

7.   How will I ever manage to stay alive long enough to read all the books that I want to read?

If anybody can help me out with answers, do let me know!


7 thoughts on “Unanswerable Questions …

  1. Your not the only one who finds school plays borrring!! I have lost count of the number of school nativitys i have sat through and lost the will to live. Except from one year the school did nativity deal or no deal style and my 5 year old daughter was the player…but i digress.. everyone sits smiling and willing it to be over!!

    So agree with you over the books, too many i want to read and so little time!

    Sharron x

  2. There IS no answer to the decluttering problem. I have been beyond hardcore this year and yet I STILL found two carrier bags of junk to get rid of today. Clutter should be on that list right along with death and taxes…

  3. Call me crazy (most people do), but I have a fear of dying while I’m in the middle of a really great read, and not knowing how it comes out in the end. 🙂

  4. #1. Perhaps you are waiting for the door to fall off?
    #2. No!
    #3 Just because.
    #4. ’cause that’s what she is like!
    #5. Maybe you keep buying more stuff!!!
    #6. Go on strike – like hunger strike (just a suggestion).
    #7. Maybe when you go on strike, stop shopping ’cause the car door fell off, tell MIL to go to the next concert & it rains at the W/E you could just curl up & read.

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