It’s All Go!

After a manic week last week (who knew having to go out to work every day could have such a knock-on effect on the rest of my life?  Full-time working mothers everywhere – I salute you!), this week is shaping up to be more of the same.

But in a good way.

Tomorrow, Ashley & I are off to London to see the Magic Theatre Circle Show, tickets to which were a Christmas present from Mum & Dad.  We’re staying at the Dean Sreet Townhouse (oooh, get us, so hip!) overnight, and I’m planning lots of shopping, too, so really looking forward to that.

We’ll be home on Wednesday in time to pick Will up from school (he’s most put out that we’re not taking him to London with us this time!).

And on Saturday, we’re going to Axminster with friends overnight, the main purpose of which is to have dinner at the River Cottage Canteen – somewhere I’ve wanted to go for ages. 

In between all this, I’m trying hard to get on with the PhD transcription job I’ve been doing for a friend, which has taken up far more time than I ever imagined.  Said friend brought over the final sound files yesterday for me to upload, and I still seem to have a LOT to get through.  My plan is to complete it before we go away on holiday on 3rd July, so I need to crack on.

The housework is miles behind, so I must try and catch up with that this week, and I desperately need to tidy out some cupboards and drawers and do more decluttering.  My eBay selling seems to mean that the house is in a constant state of chaos, with piles of stuff everywhere.  I really must try and contain it more.

Anyway, time to hang up the laundry and clean out the fridge – there’s always something to do, isn’t there?!


6 thoughts on “It’s All Go!

  1. Oh I love Hugh FW and watch River cottage I have a couple of his cook books, enjoy your meal at the RC headquarters, and you are right there is always something to do but I always seem to manage to get sidetracked, like now I am supposed to be cleaning the bathroom ! …… what did we do before computers…HOUSEWORK????

  2. Hi caroline… glad you liked the parcel, mine was fab it was waiting in my porch when I got home from work on friday…. will post all about it this week. Have a great evening in London… you should pop in Selfridges, we have the Oxfam curiosity shop being run by Annie lennox… great goodies to be bagged! (post on blog later)

  3. I have the same problem with some translations I’m correcting for a friend – it’s a much bigger job than I thought, but I see it as therapy as I have to use my brain a lot. Well, that and a thesaurus… 🙂

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