A Little Rant About Word Verification

Grrrrr grrr grrr.

I love to read other people’s blogs, and I do try to comment as much as possible, because I know first hand how lovely it is when you get comments (“wow, somebody’s actually READING this crap wonderful stuff that I’m writing?!”)

But oh my Lord, how I HATE word verification.  It makes it so much harder to comment, and there have been many times that I’ve just given up trying to comment. 

There was a discussion on British Mummy Bloggers about this self-same subject a few months back, and it transpired that many bloggers don’t even realise they’ve got the Word Verification option switched on. 

Most blogging platforms have very effective spam filters these days, sometimes TOO effective, in fact (yes, that’s you, WordPress!).  But if you’re worried about spam, you can switch on comment moderation and moderate them yourself, in which case you definitely don’t need Word Verification.

Bottom line – if you want comments,  make it easy for people to comment.  Otherwise they won’t.

That’s all.  Rant over.

Have a lovely weekend everybody – the sun is shining at last – wahey!!


13 thoughts on “A Little Rant About Word Verification

  1. Know exactly how you feel …. lost count of the number of times I’ve thought I’d left comments only to find when I scroll right down the page there is that flipping box to decipher!

  2. Have changed mine over – i only seem to get problems when commenting on anything other than Blogger – why don’t they make these things easy?!

  3. Ahh, word verification is awful.

    WordPress’ own spam catching thing is way way way too effectiive.. The amount of times I’ve found a non-spam comment in the spam folder is not worth talking about.


  4. It really irritates me too! Often I press “send” then close the page so if it requires word verification it never gets posted because I miss it!

  5. RAAAAAGE! I hate this too, most of the time its on quite small blogs too and it’s hardly like they’re being bombarded by spam. I also find that recently I’m having problems commenting on Blogger posts when using WordPress Open ID. Anyone else having this?

    • YES! So much so, that if there’s no Name/URL option, I don’t bother even trying with OpenID sometimes – it’s really temperamental!

  6. So glad you mentioned this. I was sure that I had turned it off on my blog a long time ago, but went to check just in case, and word verification was selected. yikes. not that I’ve been having anything for anyone to comment on lately. 🙂

  7. I agree totally and it drives me crazy too..
    I don’t know if mine is activated or not but I’m going to check as soon as I’m finished here.
    Em xx

  8. Ah I hate it too. They are great if you have a problem with spam but I doubt most bloggers would have. I have only had a handful of instances where I have. I would much rather have to delete spam comments than put readers off commenting.

  9. Totally with you on this – and one thing that really gets my goat is when you’ve gone through all the word verification process and your comment STILL requires moderation (i.e. a decision to be made by the blog owner as to whether it will be posted or not)!!!

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