Axminster & River Cottage Canteen

We left home at around lunchtime yesterday, and planned to have a wander around Axminster in the afternoon, before heading to sample the culinary delights of the River Cottage Canteen in the evening.  Well, a wander around Axminster took all of ten minutes – can you believe, only ONE charity shop?!  Banks, estate agents, and mouldy old-fashioned looking hairdressers a-plenty, but not much else.  Shame.

Here we are outside the church – one of the high points of our tour of Axminster!

Anyway, not to be deterred, we popped to the Co-Op, stocked up on beers for the boys and a couple of bottles of Prosecco for Faye & myself, along with a pile of newspapers and magazines, and spent a lovely lazy afternoon chatting, drinking and reading in the sunshine in the garden of our hotel.

Very civilised.

And then, off to the River Cottage Canteen, where we had a great evening – as you’d expect, it was very rustic, with a laid back vibe, and the food was local, seasonal and really tasty.  Here are some of the highlights:

It was a brilliant evening, and after a good night’s sleep and a HUGE full English breakfast this morning, we were home before lunchtime, and able to spend the rest of today pottering in the garden and enjoying the summery weather.  Let’s hope there’s plenty more of it to come.


6 thoughts on “Axminster & River Cottage Canteen

  1. Utter perfection, Caroline! That asparagus looks to die for. Good food and fabulous company in beautiful surroundings with sunshine, surely the best possible way to spend time.
    Shame about the lack of charity shops!
    Thanks for sharing!

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