Summer, Shoes & Holidays (Three of My Favourite Things!)

As William and I are going on an impromptu jaunt to Spain next week to spend four days with my parents, and as we’ve been having such fabulous weather, my thoughts have turned towards my (almost embarrassingly extensive) summer wardrobe.  I love summer clothes and shoes, far more so than winter ones, really. 

I’ve chained myself to the computer this week, still bashing away at this transcription job, hence I haven’t had a chance to go and vist the charity shops for a while, so I did a little bit of internet shopping on Monday, and bought these lovely black espadrilles from Next.  I love Next, because more often than not, you can order something late afternoon online, and it arrives the following morning.  Even down here in Devon!

I do like a bit of a heel (being so short), and wedges are so much more practical somehow.  Anyway, these shoes seem to continue a bit of theme in my wardrobe, as I’ve also got these

which I bought at a car boot sale a while back for £1, and are super comfortable, and look great with jeans

And these

Which I picked up at a market in Spain last summer for about 7 Euros.  I love the pale grey, it seems to go with so many different things, and is a bit of a change from white and cream in the summer.

Right, I must stop buying shoes for a while (unless I see any absolutely bargain ones at charity shops or car boot sales, of course ……!)


10 thoughts on “Summer, Shoes & Holidays (Three of My Favourite Things!)

  1. What lovely wedge heels Caroline, I think wedge heels add a bit of height and make your legs look a lot more elegant than flats, they look good with shorts, jeans and summer dresses, I find I can walk easier on wedges than thin heels. I hope you enjoy your holiday and look forward to the pics!
    Dawn x

  2. Give up on buying shoes, you might as well give up on life. I too love my summer clothes, hate all the layers we have to wear in winter. Alhough summer doesn’t last long here I have far more items suitable for hot weather than I do for winter,I just bought another pair of flip flops yesterday.

  3. Hi Caroline

    What lovely shoes! I’m the same as you, I love summer clothes so much and it’s a nightmare trying to pack for a sunshine break.
    Have a wonderful holiday, please share some pictures if you get a chance.
    Thanks for your support and friendship over the last few weeks,

  4. Nice shoes. I’m the opposite, loads of winter stuff which I’m much more comfortable with. I never know what to wear in the summer and open toe shoes never look right with opaque black tights (which I struggle to wean myself off)!!

  5. Haha! I couldn’t help but laugh at this post Caroline. I have a rule that I try not to buy anything that’s too similar to something I already have and here you are with three pairs of slingback wedges with cord heels and two out of three have bows. Hahaha, that’s so like me. “Oooh nice, I’ll have those in three colours.”

    Love them all, nice work!

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