Sunday Car Booty

Ooof, it was a struggle to get out of bed this morning, and not really worth it, to be honest.  First of all the car boot sale wasn’t at the race course, which I’d originally thought, it was at the multi storey – so I ended up at the wrong place, and secondly, the weather forecast was dreadful (although it’s still sunny as I type this), so there weren’t as many sellers as usual, and I have to say, most of what was on offer today was an overpriced load of tat.

I did get a few bits:

Baby Gap top, 50p, brand new to sell

Joules dress, actually a lot prettier than it looks in my crappy photo, £3, to sell

Planet dress, £2, to sell

Brand new black Morgan boots, £2.50, to sell

Boxed Schott Zwiesel lead crystal tumblers, £2, – wasn’t sure about these, but having had a cursory glance at Ebay, it appears they will sell ok.


One thought on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Welcome home, Caroline!

    I adore that first top, at least I did until I noticed it was “Baby Gap”!
    No boot sales for us today but a good haul yesterday, all cheap and cheerful…I hate sellers who over price.

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