Photography Course

As I mentioned yesterday, I went on a digital photography course.  It was held at Knightshayes Court, a gorgeous National Trust property in mid Devon, and I had the most brilliant day. 

The main reason I wanted to go was to learn more about my camera, which has a plethora of functions that I’ve never used or understood, despite poring over the manual at length.  I love taking photos for my blog, and I take lots of photos for Ebay, so hopefully there’ll be an improvement on both of those. 

I learnt so much that my head was (and still is) buzzing with all this newfound knowledge, and thankfully, the course was aimed at people who had never/hardly ever used any function other than automatic on their cameras.  There was one know-it-all bloke there, who jumped in with the answer to every question and was generally a bit of a swot. I found it highly amusing when his photos were easily the worst of the lot!!

After a morning of intense learning, we went outside and had free rein to wander around the gardens and take lots of photos utilising the things we’d learnt.

Then there was a brief lunch break while the tutor uploaded our photos onto the laptop, and in the afternoon we looked at each person’s photos in turn and he gave constructive criticism and advice.  Apparently I have a good eye for composition!

All in all, an absolutely brilliant day that has really sparked my interest in photography. 

Here are a couple of the better pictures I took:


5 thoughts on “Photography Course

  1. So glad to hear you had a good time and learnt a lot!! I particularly like the first snap – you’re right, the composition is really good!

    Can’t wait to see more snaps on your blog from now on.

    Am going on a studio photography course in a couple of weeks time – v v v v excited! 🙂


  2. Oh Caroline, I’d love to try that!
    Your photography skills look pretty good to me.
    PS We’ve both used “plethora” in our blog posts today.

  3. Great photos – can you give me a mini lesson on how to take the best photos of my flower arrangements they always come out looking a lot worse than the made piece?!!

  4. What fun! Especially the swot who had his downfall…! I’m very much an “instinctive” photographer. The more I learn about f stops and apertures, the crappier my photos get. I shall continue muddling on in my own little way 🙂

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