Sunday Car Booty

It’s a gorgeous morning, and the sellers were out in force at the car boot sale this morning.  I had a brilliant morning, picked up some lovely bits and bobs, mainly to sell: the only thing I’m worried about now, is with the summer coming up, when I stop eBaying in order to spend more time with Will during the holidays, I really don’t know where I’m going to store all this stuff.  My office, and half the spare bedroom is already full of stock, as well as boxes in the loft.  Perhaps I’ll have to continue selling through the summer, but at lower volumes.  I’ll give that some thought this week….

Anyway, here is today’s haul:

Soap & Glory gift set £3.50, Christian Lacroix Rouge Giftset £1

Lovely top for me, will be great on my hols,  really versatile – beach cover up, or in the evening with white linen trousers – fab! £2

Elvi top £2 and Per Una top 50p to sell

Football boots £1, black leather flip flops £1, gold M&S sandals £1

Nike Air Max trainers £1.50, Dune gold heels £2, M&S wide fit shoes 50p

Stickle bricks £1.50, Ted Hughes audio book 50p, brand new digital baby monitor £6

Black & white silk tunic top £1

A good morning’s work!

Have a lovely Sunday, whatever you’re doing x


10 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. What a good haul today.
    Your camera day course sounded very interesting. I still need to read my camera instructions from last Christmas!
    Hope you and Ashely had fun whilst away.
    Lisa x

  2. Caroline I love the stuff you buy! would you let me have your e bay shop/id so I can have a look I love the sandals and shoes , LOVE the summer top what a great beach cover up or it would look greta with cropped jeans or white trousers, I wish the bootsales I go to were as good! A good morning’s work indeed! I have only have a few things listed at the moment and need to go booting, the weather is so up and down and our local bootsale is in a field and if it rains it is rubbish. I told John he is going to have to get up earlier and drive a bit further, he hates bootsales but I do not drive so he has to take me !
    Dawn x

  3. Ooh, you got some great bargains there Caroline. Love the top you got for yourself – an excellent find. I was too lazy to go to the boot sale this morning (only woke up at 10.35 am!!) so goodness knows what goodies I missed out on. Never mind, there’s always next week.

  4. What a great car boot result !
    I know the feeling about stuff piling up, our little computer room is now overflowing along the landing as I keep buying more than I have time to sell !!

  5. Hi Caroline! What a fabulous haul! Your floral kaftan top is stunning.
    I feel your pain re: the comment you left on my blog about the beaded bag. I get really stingey at boot sales, turning down things I’d snap up willingly at the same price in a charity shop.
    Maybe she’ll be back next week.

  6. Well done on your finds. Love the Soap and Glory set, its one of my faves.
    My local boot sale has picked up – a wee bit- still lots of dealers though. Good luck with your listings and hope you make plenty of sales.

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