Sunday Car Booty

Sunday again already, and it was a big effort to drag myself out of bed this morning after two late nights in a row – I feel a power nap may be in order later on this afternoon! 

I bought this Armani jacket (fake, obvs!) for £3, but it’s quite nice quality cotton, and I thought it might fit Will in a year or so.  Unfortunately it’s mahoosive on him, so I think it might end up being sold.

Shoes, shoes, shoes – studded ballet flats from George (£1), fab red satin flats with ankle tie ribbons from Dune (£1), and Hotter shoes £1.50.  All to sell, although I’d have kept the Dune ones had they been in my size.

Per Una skirt, £2 – really pretty, lots of different textures.  I love a gypsy style skirt.  This one might be a keeper!

Body shop Pomegranate body butter (mmmmm!) £1.50, Virgin Vie bubble bath £1, flower therapy candle set 20p, and set of 3 bubble baths 50p.

Plans for the rest of Sunday (other than my power nap!) include getting William’s kit ready for the school camping trip he’s off on this week – the kit list is longer than my packing list for a month’s holiday, ridiculously; clearing up downstairs after last night’s dinner with friends (how can four people get through THAT many glasses?!), and sitting in the sunshine with my latest book, which is the best novel I’ve read for A-G-E-S.

Enjoy your Sunday, whatever you may be doing, and may the sun shine wherever you are. x


6 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

    • They’re a 7, Mo – let me know if you’re interested and I’ll give you a heads up when I list them – won’t be for a while as I’m off on holiday shortly x

  1. I love those red ballet flats and the pomegranate body butter, definately things I’d have snaffled! The Per Una skirt is so pretty, you have to keep it.

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