Home Alone!

Ashley is in Sussex at the hotel this week, and I dropped William at school this morning for his school camping trip (he was SOOOOOO excited – up, dressed and wearing his rucksack by 7.15 am!). 

So, I am home alone.  I think it must be the first time since before William was born that I’ve been at home by myself , so it’s rather novel for me.  I might pop over to the big out of town M&S this afternoon while the football’s on (as it should be nice and quiet).  I need some new knickers, and I can pick up a few delicious salady bits and bobs for my supper.

And I’m going to go to the cinema to see Letters to Juliet, which seems like a suitably girly film – it was a toss up between that and Sex & The City 2, and as I’m not a massive SATC fan, and have heard that the new film isn’t great, I think I’m going to go for Letters to Juliet.

Before I go and get on with a large pile of ironing, I must just show you this – my new iPhone case from Mulberry. 

Mulberry’s range for Apple came out before Christmas, and I really fancied one of these, but by the time I’d ummed and ahhed about it, they’d sold out.  So when I had an email from Mulberry inviting me to their sale preview last week, I was really excited to see these again – AND IN THE SALE, 35% off!! 

Clearly it was fate so, having had a successful week on Ebay, I decided to treat myself to one, and it arrived on Monday.  I love it, it’s just like a little miniature handbag.  So cute.  I was also pleased to note that they’re selling for considerably more on Ebay than they cost BEFORE they were in the sale!  And they’re sold out again on the Mulberry site now!


4 thoughts on “Home Alone!

  1. Enjoy the peace and quiet, I like your phone case, very nice colour, I bet William and his buddies will have a great time,we are in Devon over the weekend so I hope the weather stays this nice : )

  2. What a handsome boy! I bet he’ll have a whale of a time. Love the iPhone case – I need me something like that as I never seem to have pockets!

  3. Awww, bet William’ll have an amazing time – school camping trips were always so much fun!!

    And I hope you’re enjoying the time to yourself, make the most of it! I always dread being home alone when The Boy says he’s going on a climbing trip, but when the time comes I really enjoy having the place to myself for a few days (I don’t tell him that though!)


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