Friday 5: Girl Crushes

I was moaning on Twitter yesterday about my total failure to even think of one ‘girl crush’ for this week’s Friday 5, and my lovely blogging friend Snaffles Mummy (go and check out her blog, it’s great) couldn’t believe how hopeless I was being!  Later on, she tweeted me again asking how I was getting on (badly, really badly!), and bless her, she’s come to my rescue, and done a guest post of her own Girl Crushes for me.  Thank you so much, SM, I owe you one!  Over to her:


I am Snaffles Mummy. In a small change to today’s scheduled programme I have offered to help What’s Happening At My House with her Friday Five.

This weeks topic is “Girl Crushes” and it seems that What’s Happening At My House doesn’t have any (I know, I couldn’t believe it either) I thought every woman had girl crushes.

So here goes;

1.    Pink – she sings, she dances, she twirls down ribbons hanging from the sky. And, have you seen her body!

2.    Fearne Cotton – I love her care free and individual look. She always sounds like such a genuinely nice person and the kind of girl who would make a fab friend.

3.    Kate Hudson – In particular her appearance in Bride Wars – “You do not alter Vera Wang to fit you, you alter yourself to fit the Wang”. I can only dream of a day where my attempt at a sexy tousled curl in the hair looks as sexy as hers does.

4. Kristen Stewart – I think I may actually have more of a crush on her as the character “Bella” from the twilight series. Who wouldn’t want to swap places with Bella and left Edward Cullen sink his teeth into you?

5. Kristin Davis – I have as much a crush on Kristen as I do on her role of Charlotte in Sex in The City. She is cute, girlie and loves her vintage florals.  Plus she knits, what better combination.


6 thoughts on “Friday 5: Girl Crushes

  1. Hi Snaffles Mummy, I can’t believe Caroline did not have any girl crushes either lol I liked your choices, Pink ! I agree she is fab!
    I am off to check out your blog.
    x Dawn

  2. @caroline total fail!!! though one week we should do girl loathes, and i bet i know who would feature in both of ours!!!

    Ha! @apieceofwood – erm…thanks? i think. 🙂

    @SnafflesMummy – was going to say “good list” but somehow that seems a bit wrong! i love kristin davis too!

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