My New Favourite Thing

I didn’t go car booting on Sunday, and I haven’t found any fabulous charity shop bargains to show you lately, so you’ll have to make do with this: my new fly curtain!

Much as I love summer, one thing I really HATE about it is the flies – and living in the countryside and close to several farms, we get A LOT of flies.    And they drive me mad.   But I’ve always thought of fly curtains as either those revolting plastic multi-coloured affairs, or else horrible chainlink rattling things, neither of which I could countenance hanging up in front of my door.

So I did a bit of investigation and found this on eBay – it’s basically a voile panel cut into ribbons, so although it has a bit of  look of a net curtain about it, it’s not overly offensive.  And it only took a bamboo pole and two screws and it was up.    And can be taken down equally easily.

And best of all, it’s keeping those flies out.


4 thoughts on “My New Favourite Thing

  1. I’m looking for one of those as we live in the countryside and lots of cows at the back of our garden…. still haven’t found one that suits me and the house though. Yours is the best I’ve seen yet.
    Oh well, I suppose I’ve find something on my travels.

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