Friday 5: Favourite Things About Summer

I have spent the morning in a state of panic after thinking my camera (with all my holiday photos) had been stolen out of my luggage on the way home from holiday.  However, having turned the house upside down twice, I have now found it (Doh!!) so all is well!

And without further ado, here is this week’s list:

1.   Holidays!  How could number 1 in my favourite things about summer be anything other than this?  Quality time with family, no chores to do, fabulous food and drink, endless sunshine – what could be better?

2. Long daylight hours.  I always have more energy when the days are longer – and it encourages me to get up earlier as well. 

3. Flip Flops and sandals – I just love summer footwear.  After so many months encased in winter boots, it’s lovely to get your tootsies out, paint those toenails and wear summery sandals, pretty peeptoes or fabulous flip flops.

4.  Summer food – salads, barbecues, picnics.  And lots and lots of Pimms.  All al fresco, weather permitting, of course.

5.  Car boot sales.  Yes, I know that’s a weird answer, but although we’re lucky enough to have car boot sales all year round down here, they are always soooo much better during the summer months, and I do love a good car boot, as I’m sure you all know.

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7 thoughts on “Friday 5: Favourite Things About Summer

  1. I spent a good half hour in a similar state of panic last night, thinking that I’d put my camera in the washing machine (was taking photos for ebay and putting a wash on in quick succession). I feel this pain!x

  2. Thank goodness you found your camera.
    I love your five, and yes I also love my sandals, never thought of that!

    Hope you will check mine out too.
    Dawn x

  3. You look radiant! I do like your hubby, he’s always got a drink in his hand.

    Funnily enough I was going to say car boot sales.

    My other favourites are:
    Festivals, camping out, maxi dresses, painted toenails and picking salad leaves from the garden.


  4. I love BBQ’s but my parents don’t enjoy them so whenever I hear of friends having them I descend on them burger bun outstretched waiting for a charred burger!

    Victoria x

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