Show ‘N’ Tell Saturday

Just got back from major stocking up Sainsbury’s trip, and have a couple of delicious hours in the house to myself, as Ashley & William are both out.  So, I’m going to do the ironing.  Accompanied by an episode of Location Location.  I’m so rock ‘n’ roll, me!

Anyway, just wanted to report that … I’ve bought some trainers.  Look:

Aren’t they horrible?  Mind you, there’s not a pair of trainers in the world that I could say, hand on heart, that I like!  Forty bloody quid!  Do you have any idea how many pairs of fabulous heels I could pick up in charity shops and car boot sales for that kind of money?   No matter: hopefully these little horrors will enable me to live longer and therefore indulge in more shoe shopping than I would otherwise have been able to do.

To cheer myself up after the horror of the trainer purchase, I bought some fabulous sunflowers – don’t you just love sunflowers?  Only £2.99 – and they always last AGES.

Whilst I was out, I also picked up a posh notebook, nay, a “Project Book” as it proclaims itself to be, to keep track of my Big Momma Challenge eating and exercise.

And, saving the best till last, look at this gorgeous peacock maxi dress I treated myself to.  I ordered it before my holiday, thinking it would be wonderful to wear in Greece, but unfortunately it didn’t arrive in time, and only turned up yesterday. 

I love, love, love it!  And, surprisingly, considering my current level of rotundity (is that a word?), I actually look quite nice in it, too.  Never mind that it didn’t turn up in time for Greece, I can see that this will be getting lots of wear in the very near future.

I’m looking forward to my car boot fix tomorrow morning – first one for three weeks, and I’ve been getting withdrawal symptoms.  Have a lovely weekend, everybody, whatever you’re doing x


11 thoughts on “Show ‘N’ Tell Saturday

  1. I absolutely love that dress, Caroline! It’s perfect and so divinely floaty and feminine, too. The sunflowers are beautiful and I have the same retro-swirly notebook.

    At least the trainers are a bit girly and pink.

    Enjoy the ironing. I’m just inspecting my jumble sale purchases before we hit Asda (arghhhhh…)

  2. LOL @ your trainer aversion! love the sunflowers by the way and yes they do last for ages, I like the dress very much the design is fab, I have missed your car-booty posts and look forward to seeing your bargains!

    Dawn x

  3. Wow. Love the dress. Unfortunately I can’t wear those as I am too short and they all make me look preggers!

    Also not a trainers fan (sneakers herem ‘runners’ in Oz apparently) but they are quite nice ones 🙂

    May need to go out and buy sunflowers today. So hot here though flowers aren’t lasting much in the heat!
    (Is that a Jo Malone candle I spy there?)

  4. The dress is totally gorgeous! I’d ask you where it was from but I’ve decided not to buy anymore clothes until I’ve reached my target weight.

    Good about the trainers – they will really help if you’re doing lots of walking etc. I bought exactly the same notebook to keep track too! Great minds eh?

  5. agreed on the trainers front, I own a pair but not through choice. Very occasionally I will chuck them on to take my son to his childminder if I’m running late… every time he asks me the same thing: “are you going running mummy?”
    I’m like, “you really don’t know your mummy very well Joe”.

  6. I love the dress! I think I’m a bit too tall to wear maxi-dresses. I always look like a head in a tent. I know spending £40 on trainers SUCKS but they’ll be so much better for you than a pair that cost a tenner. And be thankful you didn’t go to a proper running shop and come away with a pair that cost £140!!

    Can’t wait to read more about how the exercise goes!

  7. Ah trainers, a necessary evil! Though I do think you’ve managed to buy a nicer pair compared to loads I’ve seen!

    Good luck with the challenge!

    And like everyone else, I heart the dress!

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