Sunday Car Booty

A disappointing boot sale this morning, very small and inside the multi storey car park due to the threat of rain.  In my eagerness to do some bootsale shopping, I may well have paid a little over the odds for some of the bits I picked up, but never mind, I’m quite pleased with them.

Lovely green faux leather (but nice quality faux leather, if there is such a thing!) handbag, £2.50.

Pink Liz Claiborne handbag, £1.  Not my cup of tea, but they seem to sell quite well on Ebay.

Kids cross stitch kit 50p, and Body Shop tangerine shower gel (smells good enough to eat) 30p.

Next mens black leather shoes with leather soles as well, hardly worn, £3.  Dorothy Perkins wooden clog style mules 50p, Nike trainers £1. 

I LOVE these!  They make up for the trainers yesterday!  They’re brown leather, Clarks, cloggy, wedgy, studded, platformy – and they’re my size!  Hardly worn.  And I’m keeping them.  Paid £2.

Fat Face parachute style skirt £1.50 – wasn’t sure about this one, but having had a brief look, it appears that they seem to sell OK.  And a Gap 100% silk “LBD” (who knew Gap made silk dresses?), £2.

So, a whole lovely Sunday stretched out in front of me.  I think I’m going to have to put those trainers on and go out for a walk!   Sooner rather than later, as the weather’s not looking too promising out there.     And I need to finish catching up on everybody’s blogs – I’ve almost broken the back of it now, only about 70 items left in the Reader!  Perhaps a little Ebay listing later on.   And I might even read yesterday’s newspaper. 

Enjoy the rest of of your weekend, whatever you’re doing – and I hope your weather’s looking more promising than mine!


8 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Looks like you got some pretty good bargains – as always, Caroline. The body shop shower gel is a good find on its own at that price.

    Weather is a little cloudy but forecast to remain dry here in Essex so me and my lovely next-door-neighbours will be off to the boot sale in an hour or so. First time I’ve been on a Sunday in weeks.

  2. Wow, that’s some weekend of retail therapy with some great bargains, well done. Nice to have the rest of Sunday stretching before you, hope its a good one with some sunshine.

  3. Loving the Clarks’ shoes and the green bag.
    I never do as well at indoor boot sales, I suppose people aren’t in so much of a rush to sell their stuff as it’s warmer and more comfortable and don’t reduce as quickly.
    It’s windy and overcast here but at least it’s not raining (yet).

  4. Love the green handbag. Can you believe that I’ve never been to a car boot sale, although I do want to do one to get rid of the mountains of stuff we no longer need.

  5. You didn’t do too bad for a dull Sunday …. I was up really early but just couldn’t muster the enthusiasm to go booting …. that’s rare for me!

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