School’s Out!

Well, the school summer holidays are upon us once again (technically they’ve been upon us for a fortnight already – but as we were on holiday anyway I kind of didn’t notice it!). 

The eight week marathon isn’t looking too bad, as we’ve been away for two weeks, we’re away for another two at the end of August, William’s off on a PGL Adventure Holiday for four days next week, and he’s at karate summer school for four hours a day the following week.   Which only leaves two empty weeks – this week and another one before we go away in August.

Unfortunately, Will’s three closest friends are all away on holiday this week, which has left him at a bit of a loose end. 

So our plan for the week looks like this at the moment:

Monday:            Toy Story in 3D at the cinema

Tuesday:            Dawlish Warren car boot sale and market (luckily, my son has inherited my love of car booties!)

Wednesday:             School friend over for the day and possibly a sleepover too – I’ll probably take them out to a park or big indoor play centre, depending on the weather.

Thursday:            Afternoon and overnight with his grandmother, as we’re going out.

Friday:              Trip into town followed by cooking (another of Will’s favourite pastimes).

So that’s this week sorted.  I do love to have a plan in place.


4 thoughts on “School’s Out!

  1. I normally have a plan with my lot – who have all been off since the END OF MAY (ffs) but at the mo we are winging it a bit. Which is sort of scary but also good.

    We still have to go and see Toy Story 3. People have told me I’ll cry!!!!

  2. Looks like you have it all taken care of Caroline. The school holiday’s don’t start here until the last week in July.
    I used to dread having the 3 boys home for 6 weeks and them being bored it was so hard to keep them all amused but somehow we managed.

    Hope you find some bargains at the bootsale.
    X Dawn

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