Journal Jar Q95: What’s The Most Important Advice You’ve Ever Received?

The previous post was a bit of a cheat, so I thought I’d answer another journal jar question today as well. 

I’ve struggled a bit with this question, and I really cannot pin down a particular piece of advice that I’ve ever been given as the most important, though I’m sure I’ve been given lots of useful advice over the years. 

But what I do know is that the person I always turn to when I want a considered opinion and some sensible down-to-earth advice is my dear old Dad. 

Over the years there have been many occasions when I’ve been in a quandary about all sorts of things – jobs, boyfriends, where to live  – the list goes on.  And whenever I’ve struggled with things that life has thrown at me, my Dad has been there with an open ear and some great help and advice.

As I’ve got older, perhaps I haven’t needed his advice so much, as life is calmer and more ordered as time goes on (one of the few joys of getting older, I guess!), but it doesn’t mean that I value his advice any less.

So this is just to say thanks, Dad – all your advice really is and has been very much appreciated over the years xx


3 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q95: What’s The Most Important Advice You’ve Ever Received?

  1. Now that is an interesting question…..

    Mine would come from an old story that I read years and years ago and had a moral to it.
    The moral was ‘be true to yourself and stop trying to please everyone else.’ Wish I’d taken this piece fo advice much sooner.

  2. You just can’t beat the advice given by your Dad. My Dad was a man of few words (probably because he rarely got a word in between my Mum, my sister and me!!) but when he did have something to say it was always really worthwhile and sensible advice. Wish I’d taken his advice more often at the time!!!!

  3. I wonder whether its more that you have learnt the advice he has shared with you, now you know it and can apply it…you can probably even imagine what he would tell you to do…


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