This Week I’m …



Another Day In Paradise by Mark Reece.  It’s never going to win a prize for literature, but it’s written by somebody we know (Ashley bought a car through him, and he’s also has children at William’s school) who was recently sent to prison for fraud, which caused quite the schoolgate scandal at the time.  This is his autobiography, thinly disguised as a novel, and I’m reading it out of pure nosiness. 



Toy Story 3 in 3D.  I’m not much of a fan of kids’ films as a rule, but this was just brilliant, Will and I really enjoyed it.

Also watching The Hills Season 4, from Lovefilm, which is a bit of a guilty pleasure.  Vacuous American TV rocks!

… Eating


These Weight Watchers mini victoria sponges are really tasty, and only 1.5 ww points each.  Just right with a mid afternoon cup of tea when I’m feeling a bit peckish.

… Meeting


up with old friends over from Australia for dinner tomorrow night.  We’re going to a really lovely pub up on Dartmoor, The Rock Inn, which also has rooms, so we’re staying the night so we can both have a drink as it always ends up being a late and boozy one with these friends.

… Planning


A barbecue on Saturday for Ashley’s staff, so fingers crossed for the weather.  They’re nearly all much younger than us, and all like to party – we’ve had some epic nights out with them all in the past.  I’m not holding out an awful lot of hope of getting to the car boot sale first thing on Sunday morning after an evening entertaining that lot!


4 thoughts on “This Week I’m …

  1. Love the idea of reading the book about an acquaintance! I think we’ll go and see Toy Story 3, but I’m trying to avoid reviews about it incase they give too much of the story away.

    Like the look of those little cakes too….

  2. Can’t wait to take Jak my Grandson to see Toy Story 3 I love the other I watch kids films with the Grandchildren all the time and love them.
    I think the ww cakes and biscuits are tasty but I have to have one and hide the box or packet, they are better for you , but not if you eat the whole packet!
    Enjoy the meal out and night with your friend , I can imagine you will both have sore heads in the morning!
    X dawn

  3. Oh I don’t blame you for reading the book, I would definitely be wanting a nosy at that!! Those sponges sound lovely although imagine I’d eat twice as many therefore, defeating the point of the ww-ness hehe.

    Amy x

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