Big Momma Challenge – End of Wk 1

Technically it’s only been six days as I didn’t get home from holiday until late on Thursday night, so my first weigh in was last Friday morning.

And as of this morning’s weigh in, I’ve lost 3.4 lbs.

Which is good.  Not as good as I was hoping for, if I’m honest, but good.

I’ve stuck to my eating plan quite well, though I’ve struggled a little bit when I’m in the kitchen making dinner (always a bad snacking time for me), and Sunday was a bit of a write off when I piled into a bowl of tortilla chips Ashley was eating (and this was AFTER a pub lunch!).  Then did my usual trick of ‘oh, I’ve ruined today then’, and ate a roast dinner, which I really didn’t need AT ALL.

But I got back to it on Monday and have been good since then.

I’m quite pleased that I’ve avoided alcohol other than one glass of wine with my pub lunch on Sunday – that is a real achievement for me.

So, last week’s mini goals – how did I do?

  1. Write down everything I eat – I started on Monday, as I hadn’t got my notebook organised until then.
  2. Exercise a tiny bit each day – yes, from Sunday onwards.  But it has really been a TINY bit each day.
  3. Buy a pair of trainers – yes.
  4. Sort out WW stuff – yes.


The coming week is not one that I’m looking forward to diet-wise: we are out for a meal tonight, and Saturday night we’re having a barbecue.  Both of which will be boozy and food filled events (oh, my favourite type!!)

Right, mini goals for this week:

1.                  Continue to write down everything I eat and drink.

2.                  Do two one hour walks.

3.                  Make healthy choices as far as possible at the above-mentioned events.

4.                  No alcohol, other than at the above-mentioned events.

Good luck to everybody on the Big Momma Challenge this coming week!


11 thoughts on “Big Momma Challenge – End of Wk 1

  1. Great start, Caroline! “Sort out WW stuff” – does the WW stand for Weight Watchers? That’s what I’ve been using and I love their e-Tools which help me track everything I eat and all my activity. Good luck with the dining out – I have a list of words to avoid on restaurant menus – when I find it, I’ll forward it over to you.

    Have a great Week 2!

  2. Are you kidding me? 3.4lbs is a fantastic loss! Well done you, and that’s still with having the occasional treat and living a normal life!

    Good luck for the coming week, can’t wait to hear how you got on!

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