Friday 5: Childhood TV Programmes

I’ve really enjoyed a trip down memory lane creating this post, and it was really hard to pick just five – I could easily have done a Friday 15 today!

1. Junior Showtime

I remember watching this programme with my mum and, having Googled it, discovered that it only ran from 1969 to 1974, so I must have been really young when I watched it (I was six in 1974).  It was a children’s talent show, and I used to love watching it each week, and was always absolutely glued to it from start to finish.

2.  Blue Peter

I can’t believe it’s still going!  When I watched it as a child, it was presented by Lesley Judd, John Noake and Peter Purves, and the two dogs were called Petra and Shep.  I think they had two siamese type cats as well, which were called Jack and Jill.  I think Blue Peter’s success lies with the fact it has a bit of everything in it – interesting guests, craft and cookery, sending the presenters off on all sorts of adventures – there really is something for everybody.

3. Grange Hill

I watched Grange Hill right from the very first series – this picture took me back!  It was really cutting edge TV in those days (Zammo’s heroin addiction, anyone?), and this is another programme that ran and ran for years.

4. Mr Benn

“As if by magic … the shopkeeper appeared.”  Another one from my extreme youth, each episode of Mr Benn involved him going into a changing room in a shop to try on an outfit and going off on some extraordinary adventure (yeah, I know, but I was FIVE!).  Interestingly, only 11 episodes were ever made.

5. Trumpton, Chigley and Camberwick Green

I know it’s technically three different programmes, but they were all interlinked.  Set in three fictional locations in the county of Trumptonshire, each episode threw up a new mini crisis which the residents cheerfully set to and dealt with, frequently bursting into song along the way.  Gripping stuff.  Windy Miller, PC McGarry, Mrs Honeyman – I still remember them all!


13 thoughts on “Friday 5: Childhood TV Programmes

  1. What a nosalgic post, Caroline! I’m a couple of years older than you and even after googling can’t recall Junior Showtime.
    I’m with you on Mr Benn. Tough call but my four others were Michael Bentine’s Potty Time, The Banana Splits, Double Deckers and Jackanory.
    Vix xxx

  2. Loved Trumpton, and Camberwick Green. I also used to love a series called White Horses, and Robinson Crusoe which were both foreign programmes badly dubbed into English. But the theme music was really beautiful.

  3. I loved Blue Peter, Junior Showtime (remember Bonnie Langford?) and Camberwick Green too (have you seen the spoof Camberwick Green bit that was featured in ‘Life on Marks?’ Very funny – check it out on You Tube.)

    And I’m with ‘notSupermum’ re: White Horses and Robinson Crusoe – and I used to love ‘Belle and Sebastian’ and was scared witless by ‘The Singing Ringing Tree’ – also both foreign programmes badly dubbed into English. Apparently, there was very little funding in the mid-60s for BBC childrens’ programming so they had to buy in lots of European imports, with their dodgy dubbing and evocative theme tunes, and created some very odd but wonderful TV memories for those of us of ‘a certain age!’

  4. I loved Mr Ben! and I have vidoes of Camberwick Green and Trumpton! there were lots I could have put choosing 5 was hard but fun!
    Love your 5 Caroline great minds think alike !

    X Dawn

  5. Aah yes I remember them all very well.
    Used to also love Seaside special on a Saturday night and Some mothers do ave em (if I cleaned teeth and put pyjamas on first!)
    I used to make all the craft things on Blue Peter

  6. I remember Blue Peter and Grange Hill. Once tried to make something from Blue Peter that required ‘ground almonds’ and the shop only had whole almonds and I so couldn’t manage it. They always used to make things look so so easy!!!

    Incidentally my kids were watching The Flintstones in England and they couldn’t believe I had watched it as a kid!

  7. Fab Friday 5, still at work, but will try & post a belated 5 later, we may have some duplicates! Can you let me know the list of forthcoming subjects, have a lovely weekend. Tx

  8. Oh gosh, what a trip down memory lane. I liked Blue Peter but not Magpie, and I was too old for Grange Hill, plus we had moved to France by then. I adored Trumpton/Camberwick Green 🙂 And I remember watching Catweazle!! I even bought a Catweazle book with a book token I got once. Oh and Belle & Sébastien, remember that? Or are you all too young? Oh I adored Medhi the little boy who played Sébastien! You can listen to the song in French here: Aw bless! Thank you Caroline!!

  9. I could easily have written a Friday 15 this week too! Struggling for next Friday though, I’ve blocked out the memories of anything I regret purchasing!

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