The Weekend

No car booty post yesterday, the eagle eyed among you may have noticed.  That’s because I went to bed approximately one hour before I should have been getting up for the boot sale!

Note to self: I. Am. Too. Old. To. Go. To. Bed. At. 4.45 am.

The barbecue (despite the horrible weather) went brilliantly, and the last people didn’t leave until after 3.30 am.  Considering we started at 5 pm, that was pretty good going!  Ashley and I then decided to clear up and do all the washing up – amazing how much mess 15 people can make, really – so we didn’t have to face it yesterday morning.

Got up yesterday at around 10.30, as William was off to the Totnes Show with friends for the day, and felt remarkably chipper, considering. 

As the sun was shining, and as we had massively over-catered for the barbecue, we decided to invite some friends over for the afternoon for another barbecue to eat up all the leftovers.  So we spent a very pleasant afternoon sitting in the sunshine with them and their grown up daughter.

I must admit that I was in bed and asleep by 8.45 pm last night, though!

Needless to say, the last four days have not been good for my diet, however I’ve had a GREAT time ….. so, back to the dieting and exercise with a vengeance from today.


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