This Week I’m …

… Reading

Things I Wish My Mother Had Told Me by Lucia Van Der Post.  It’s a dip in and out of book, with loads of handy tips  and info on all sorts, from skincare, through shopping, style, cooking, throwing parties etc etc.  There’s even tips on how to pack for a weekend away on a yacht (I wish!).

… Watching

The Proposal.  Watched this on DVD last night and really enjoyed it.  I do like a good old romcom!

… Charity Shop Shopping

Having missed the car boot on Sunday, I was glad to get my bargain hunting fix with half an hour rummaging through two of my fave charity shops this morning.  As well as a very nice pair of winter cropped trousers for me still with their tags attached for £3, I bought the following to sell: kids’ DKNY sweatshirt 50p, brand new tap shoes £3.50 and cute Morgan handbag £1.

… Missing

William, who’s away on his PGL Activity Holiday.  He phoned last night (his first night) and seemed to be really enjoying himself.  It’s fantastic fun – they’re doing wall climbing, zip wires, quad biking, canoeing, raft building – just heaven for an adventurous 10 year old.  I can’t wait to pick him up on Saturday morning and hear all about it.


8 thoughts on “This Week I’m …

  1. I really liked The Proposal and desperately wanted to go wherever they filmed it!

    My sister did a PGL holiday when she was little and loved it – Will is very lucky!

  2. I am going to get that book ! I loved the movie I think Sandra Bullock is a very good actress , I love Rom Coms! nice bargains too.
    I bet William and his mates are ball doing all that rough and tumble stuff but I bet he does miss you too.
    x Dawn

  3. OHHHH any chance I could borrow that book after you Caroline? (my mum never told me had to pack for a weekend away on a yacht funnily enough)!!

  4. The book sounds good and I love a good Rom Com! Are you taking part in the Blog Sale on Sunday? If not, perhaps nearer the time you could post a link so your readers know that lots of us bloggers are selling clothes, shoes and accessories online on Sunday xx

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