Friday 5: Most Regretted Purchases

I was quite pleased to see on Twitter that one of the other girls was struggling with this one as well, because I’ve found it probably the hardest one we’ve ever done.  

 Anyway, I’ve thought and thought, and here is my list.

1.         I bought this pair of shoes from the Office online sale last winter, and I really love them. HOWEVER, they are far too small.  Rather than sending them back for a refund, because I loved them so much I decided that perhaps my feet might shrink and they would miraculously fit me.  Sadly my feet haven’t shrunk – no shit, Sherlock? – so I’m afraid they still don’t fit me.

2.         Ashley bought me these diamond earrings for Christmas last year after I’d pointed them out in a shop and said how lovely they were.  Now it’s not that I’m ungrateful, but when I pointed them out it really was just a passing comment.  I didn’t WANT them.  That does sound ungrateful, doesn’t it?  But I only ever wear cheap earrings, because I frequently lose one, and the one and only time I wore these, I spent the whole evening worrying that I was going to lose one.


3.         My MBT shoes, which I wrote about here.  And which, now I think about it, were rather trainer-like, thus nullifying my recent claim never to have owned a pair of trainers.

4.         The last drink – on more occasions than I care to remember, because it’s always the last one that gives me the hangover!

5.            Presents for people who don’t say thank you.  One of my absolute pet hates is taking the time, trouble and money to give somebody a gift and never receiving a thank you – whether it’s for a birthday, Christmas, wedding or whatever, there are far too many people in the world who don’t bother with this basic courtesy any more and it REALLY MAKES ME VERY CROSS.  I always insist that William writes thank you letters for gifts, if he’s not going to see the giver to thank them in person, but it doesn’t have to be a letter these days – an email, a phone call, even a text would be fine.  Even a bloody wall post on Facebook for goodness sake!  But so many times there’s just nothing, nothing at all.  OK, rant over!


10 thoughts on “Friday 5: Most Regretted Purchases

  1. Oh they are good choices. I know exactly what you mean about saying you like something in passing……but not really WANTING it. I once ended up with 2 glass coffee tables – just the same reason.
    And the thank yous….am totally with you on that one. Totally.

  2. I adore those shoes! What a shame they don’t fit.
    I’m so glad I’m not the only person who doesn’t enjoy posh jewellery, give me a cheapo chandelier any day of the week.
    Love your answers, I’m using this as a talking point in the pub later. xxx

  3. Great question, great answers. Yes, I’ve got shoes that don’t fit but look gorgeous so I keep them and diamond earrings I don’t wear in case one goes missing but luckily most of my gift recipients do say thank you. I especially love getting thank you notes from the little ones in my life, all credit to the parents for that.

  4. I know what you mean about expensive jewellery. I often remark at how nice things are (I think I used to be a mapgie – OOH SHINY!!!) and then occasionally people will buy me the things I am attracted to but don’t really, absolutely want.

    It’s particularly bad because I’m in the first year of a relationship. Any time I say I like something Michael says “Do you want it? I’ll buy you it” which is wonderfully chivalrous but I have to tell him I don’t really mean it. Gosh I sound very ungrateful too!

  5. Those earrings are gorgeous though, bless him 🙂

    What?!! Feet don’t shrink? Bugger. 😉 My mum has a pair of Manolos that she’s NEVER worn and every time I go to visit I try them on….just in case. I’m convinced it’s only a matter of time.

  6. They make little clear plastic/silicone backs that you can slip on french wire earrings, so they don’t slide up and out. Basically just a disk with a small hole that you put the wire through and push the disk up till it rests against the back of your ear. In a pinch, you could cut a slice of pencil eraser and use that…just push the wire through the middle, and push it up to rest at the back of your ear…of course, it wouldn’t look very classy with diamond earrings if anyone saw them, but probably no one would.

    I worry about expensive jewelry too. I actually wear a fake three-stone ring instead of my engagement ring most of the time, and I get way more compliments on it. 🙂

  7. I’ve done that with shoes before and I think I’ve lost count of the amount of clothes I’ve bought ‘to diet into’

    Good #Friday5

  8. Ha ha, I’m with you on so many of these! I had the very same jewellery experience with my ex-boyfriend – and there’s no way back is there? If I had said ‘oh I didn’t really want these’ the chances are he’d have thought me an ungrateful cow! It’s one of life’s little mysteries! And the drinks one as well – I share your sentiments exactly!

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