Sunday Car Booty

We went to pick William up from his activity holiday in Weymouth yesterday morning, and on the way back, I was delighted to see a sign for a car boot sale.  So we stopped and had a looked round, and I picked up a few really good bits and bobs.  Which made up for the fact that this morning’s car boot sale was something of a dismal affair with very few sellers, mostly selling baby stuff.  I’m waiting for a call back from my friend Annette to see if she fancies going to the big afternoon boot sale at Exeter race course this afternoon – I’ve got nothing planned for the rest of the day, so it seems as good a plan as any.

So, here is this weekend’s booty so far:

nSpa giftset £1, Virgin Vie body lotion 50p, 2 cross stitch book marks £1

2 pairs Hotter shoes 50p each, 1 pair Rohde shoes £1.50.

Dartington glass Daisy bowl £3.50.

Irregular Choice brand new shoes £6.00.  They don’t fit me sadly, as I love their quirky designs, so they’ll be destined for Ebay.

DKNY messenger bag 50p. 

Lacoste handbag £1, Clarks shoes 50p.

Also got a Spiderman muscle suit for 50p and a pretty girl’s Next skirt for 50p, both currently in the wash so no pictures.

While I’m here, I must mention my friend Mrs Fab from Looking Fab In Your Forties, who is having a blog sale later on today. There should be something for everybody with a range of designer and high street brands, ranging in sizes from 8 to 16.   It starts at 11.00 am, so do pop over and have a look.


7 thoughts on “Sunday Car Booty

  1. Good haul again Caroline. The car boots round my way are not nearly as good, I can’t seem to find anything worth selling on…time to move onto something else I think!

  2. hi there!! great finds as usual, i went to the car booty for the first time in ages, but only came back with a macys coin purse and a camera for my son! have a lovely week ahead!!

  3. I love the polka dot shoes, you always manage to get some brilliant goodies! hotter shoes are quite expensive too!

    Dawn x

  4. I had a look around the Boot Fair I did yesterday and I can honestly say it was a pile of poo! There was nothing there I would have bought, everybody’s clothes looked dirty, I looked at the people first and if they looked skanky, I didn’t stop to look!

  5. Nice booty!! I’ve been meaning to come and comment but never got round to it… Just so you know, that film? The one with Adam Sandler? You really have to be in the right mood! The first time I think I just switched off and went and did something else because I found it too bleak, but this time I loved it. It just goes to show, you never can tell 🙂

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