Journal Jar Q72. What Do You Feel Has Been The Most Significant World Event In Your Lifetime & Why?


Bit of a no brainer, this one.  It’s got to be the 2001 World Trade Center terrorist attacks – watching the images of that terrible day is something that I don’t think any of us will forget in a hurry.  I remember feeling quite frightened, as if the whole world was under attack.

As for why, my opinion is that the sheer audacity (and the scale) of the attack took the world’s breath away – and brought home to us just how easy it is for people set on a path of destruction to inflict such terrifying and enormous damage.

Having said that, I also think that the following world events which have occurred during my lifetime merit a mention:

1969 The moon landing (or not, as Ashley’s just said!)

1981 Personal computers introduced by IBM

1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster – an event which still has and will continue for a long time to have terrible consequences.

1989 Berlin Wall torn down, and the beginning of the fall of communism

1990 Nelson Mandela released from prison after 27 years, the abolition of apartheid the following year, and his election as president in 1994.

1997 Princess Diana’s death – OK, I know this one possibly doesn’t merit the title ‘world event’, but I will never forget watching that day’s events unfold, and the amazing subsequent public outpouring of grief which united the country in a way that I don’t imagine we will ever see again in my lifetime, if ever.

Have I missed any out?  What do you think?


14 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q72. What Do You Feel Has Been The Most Significant World Event In Your Lifetime & Why?

  1. I totally agree with your choice; the worst day ever and very, very frightening..

    Agree with all your other choices; I also have a very vivid recollection of John McCarthy being released.

  2. I can remember a little bit further back – Bobby Kennedy being assassinated (that’s the first bit of news coverage I can remember every seeing) and Martin Luther King being killed. Probably not world events, but both significant events nevertheless.

    I think Live Aid had a big impact on how people viewed charity and how we could all have a part in doing something, and the introduction of the internet has changed most people’s lives.

    But I think 9/11 has had an impact on so many countries for differing reasons, that I’m in agreement with you. Unless there’s something else so obvious that I’ve missed it!

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  4. Really really good question! 9/11 was so scary, wasn’t it. I was working part time in a shop that day and we only heard snippets from people coming in an out, it was really horrendous.

    I also really hope that remains as the most significant world event I ever see!! I can’t imagine a “good” event being big enough to surpass that. :o/


  5. Good choices.
    I’d have included Barrack Obama becoming President of the USA. His inauguration speech took my breath away. Surely an amazing moment for a country that as recently as the Sixties had racial segregation. xxx

  6. Totally agree with 9/11 – I have never felt so appalled and terrified at the same time – and I really thought we would be on the brink of World War Three after what happened.

    I had nightmares about it for days afterwards as it was only a couple of months previously that my sister and I had been in New York and had stood at the top of the World Trade Centre, the thought of people throwing themselves out of a building so high was truly truly awful.

  7. That is such a good post. And so right on. 9/11 was so scary and I will always remember where I was when I watched the tv. We were only about 100 miles from NYC and there was that feeling of uncertainty as to where it would all kick off next. I remember thinking if I should go and pick up my child from pre-school early etc.
    Even though I was in America for Obama’s Inauguration Ceremony it didn’t seem to register as much for me.
    Diana’s death – yes – and also recall reading a book that referred to it and where the characters had been.
    I was in Germany when the Berlin Wall came down so that was surreal too.
    Also – not on the scale and v pathetic in comparison – and I am not even a fan – will remember being stood at a kitchen sink in Italy reading on my Blackberry how Michael Jackson had died! (Hides head in shame).

  8. 9/11 still sends chills down my spine – I had been on the top of the buildings less than 5 days previous to it happening

  9. 9/11 was so horrific. I was in a class at college when a teacher came through to tell us and spent the rest of the day glued to my TV convinced I was watching a film.

    I also vividly remember when Diana died. I was only 12 and woke up to watch cartoons and found that there were none on. I watched a bit of the news coverage and knew it was really important so I recall going through to tell my sleeping parents what had happened. They must have gotten a fair shock!

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