Journal Jar Q47: Tell About A Frustrating Experience You’ve Had With A Car

Now I’ve had many frustrating experiences with cars over the years (I imagine anyone who’s been driving any length of time has plenty of stories to tell) but one of the most frustrating of recent times that springs to mind is this:

About three years ago, we’d been on a city break to Barcelona with friends, and arrived back at Bristol Airport quite late in the evening on a Sunday, tired and keen to get home.

We got back to the car in the long term car park, put the luggage into the boot, got into the car, turned the key in the ignition and …. nothing.  Flat battery.  Ashley had left the lights on.  

Luckily we have an RAC membership, so we rang them.  Two hours’ wait, Madam, they said.  Groans all round.  Then, we saw an AA van driving towards us in the car park.  We flagged him down, explained our predicament, and asked very nicely if he wouldn’t mind starting the car for us.  Yes, no problem, he replied.  That’ll be £40.

For a jump start??  No, to join the AA.  I can only start cars that belong to AA members.  So, because we really didn’t want to wait two hours, we paid the £40.  Approximately 30 seconds later, he’d jump started the car and we were on our way.

On the plus side, I did manage to sell the AA membership on Ebay subsequently for £10, so the 30 second jump start ended up only cost a pound per second!


4 thoughts on “Journal Jar Q47: Tell About A Frustrating Experience You’ve Had With A Car

  1. Hi there-unfortunately my car incidents involve my soon to be ex and not in a good way, lol!! Still, I’ve got my little renault clio now, so hopefully good things from now on 😉 x

  2. Hmmmm. A car.
    My first car was a Volkswagen Polo. Had it when I lived in Essex. I was on the M25 one day – having just come back from wedding dress shopping and it started spluttering…..needed to pull over and call RAC or whoever but my phone battery was really dead – managed to call them and eventually they showed up but in the mean time the police came and were chatty – bonnet was up etc and only then did I realise that my tax disc was totally out of date. Was keen for the Police to scarper just in case I got in trouble!
    Same car started to have windscreen wipers jam in a snow storm (not good)…and about 5 days before I left UK altogether (and sold on car to MIL to be) something hit into me. Grrrr. My deductible was going to be about 500 quid but the girl in Tiptree insurance place was v helpful and advised me to take out something that would cover my being out of pocket 500. She told me that as long as it was dated that day – well even if it was the same day as I reported the accident I’d be covered. Made a huge difference.

  3. Just thought of another! We lived in Connecticut USA and I had a bright yellow Ford Escape (SUV thingy 4 x 4). Always parked it in our garage. Well the mice there didn’t like the cold in the winter so they liked to nestle into warm engine of cars that had just driven back…
    One mouse nestled, got warm, grew fatter and couldn’t get out again.
    Only thing was ‘eau de mouse’ in the cold weather with the heaters on was ‘pretty gross.’
    Went to garage to see if they could check for it… they couldn’t ‘reach’ the mouse corpse from under the bonnet so I had to pay them to pull off the dash board etc and get all the bits out that was any clean/sterilise all the bits. Set me back about $700 !!!! Even tried to see if I could claim on my insurance but couldn’t! Now THAT was more than frustrating (but otherwise was a fab car).

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