This Week I’m …

… Reading

Ant & Dec’s autobiography.  Which is surprisingly readable and entertaining.  It was a sort of tongue in cheek gift from a friend last Christmas.

… Watching

Our third trip to the cinema in as many weeks!  Ashley won some cinema tickets in a raffle, and not being a fan of the cinema, he was quite happy for Will and I to use them, so we went to see the new Tom Cruise/Cameron Diaz movie, which was quite entertaining.  I was rather surprised at the use of the F word in a film rated 12A, though.

Also just started watching the first season of Grey’s Anatomy which I very much enjoying so far.

… Cooking

Chick pea, cashew nut and spinach curry.  Ashley really liked it, I wasn’t so keen.  

… Saying Thank You

To all you lovely people who left such helpful comments on Monday’s post about my friend B.   A quick update: I decided to contact her ex-husband to try and arrange for the boys to get together, and had a chat with him – the upshot of which is that William and his friend A are off on a Junior Bushcraft Afternoon run by the Forestry Commission this afternoon together, and Will’s been invited back to A’s for a sleepover this evening.  Result!!

I’ve also heard from B (at last), who wasn’t very apologetic for her total lack of response, but is having big problems with her latest relationship (no surprises there), horrendous financial problems, and various other issues.  If I hadn’t heard it all before, and if all her friends and family hadn’t warned her and warned her and warned her about this latest bloke, I might be more sympathetic.  Anyway, at least she called back.

… Having A Bit Of A Panic

We are off on holiday to my parents’ place in Spain next Thursday.  Unfortunately, Ashley’s grandmother died a couple of days ago (she was 93), and her funeral is next Wednesday morning in Surrey.  Which has necessitated rearrangement of our plans so that we now leave home on Tuesday, drive up to Surrey, stay overnight there before the funeral on Wednesday morning/afternoon (two services, one at the crem, one in a church – WTF?), then drive from Surrey to Bristol, stay overnight there before having to be at Bristol airport at 4.30 on Thursday morning. 

The net result of which is that I have two days less to do everything I need to do than I originally thought.  Oh bugger.  Which hasn’t been helped for the last two days by a very unpleasant reaction to two injections I had on Tuesday, so I haven’t been getting very much done at all. 

I am now off to write the mother of all to do lists!!


5 thoughts on “This Week I’m …

  1. Blimey, you are going to be busy.
    Sorry to hear about Ashley’s Grandma. That curry looks divine, I’m positively salivating over the prospect of a curry, it’s been days.
    Hope you’re feeling better soon. xxx

  2. glad to hear that the boys are getting together, sympathy 7 thought sfor you all for next wednesday, the holiday will be a welcome break especially as you’ve now lost 2 days of your week.. have a lovely weekend Tx

  3. I’m addicted to Grey’s Anatomy! It’s one of the best shows ever in my opinion. Can’t wait for series 7 to start in the autumn!

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