Life Laundry Update

So annoying: I’d kept a document on my desktop making a note of all my decluttering activity over the last week, which I was going to use as an update on last week’s Too Much Everything post, and I’ve somehow managed to delete it – and empty it out of the recycle bin as well.  Hmmmph.  A case of over-zealous decluttering perhaps.

So I’ll just have to list the things I can remember:

  • Deleted a whole bunch of apps off my iPhone, unsubscribed from all the podcasts I never get the chance to listen to, deleted loads of old texts, and backed up and sync’d my iphone for the first time for about six months.
  • Sorted out a box of old toys/games I’d taken out of Will’s rooms ages ago, kept what could be sold on Ebay, and rest to go to charity shop.
  • Deleted everything apart from four films I want to watch from the DVD recorder.  Checked what I’ve got on series link, and deleted all but a few favourites.
  • Streamlined my Facebook and Twitter contacts.
  • Decluttered the cutlery drawer and gave it a thorough clean – seriously, did we need seven bottle stoppers/corks – as if there’s ever a half empty bottle of vino lurking about in this house for more than about half an hour!
  • Took a load of books back to the library which I will never get the chance to read.
  • Really hard one, this – reduced the books in my bookcase down to around a year’s worth of reading (from 1.5 years – I thought that was quite good!).  Some to list on RISI and some for the charity shop.  I actually have SPACE in my bookcase for the first time in years!
  • Went through a bunch of bookmarks in a folder I call ‘shopping’.  Transferred things that I’m still interested in to an online wish list on Wishpot, deleted almost all the rest.
  • Deleted a whole bunch of bookmarked cashback sites that I used to use for daily clicks (which I no longer do). 
  • Cleared out the stationery area underneath my printer, and binned a load of stuff I’m not going to use again.

Written down like that, it seems like I’ve done a lot, but in reality it’s just made me realise how much more there is to be done!

This is defninitely a work in progress, and will be continued when I come home from Spain at the beginning of September.  I think I need to have a more organised approach to it as well – maybe room by room, or a pre-arranged list of areas to deal with each week?  Any tips on how to proceed?


9 thoughts on “Life Laundry Update

  1. What is it with the corks/bottle stoppers?! We have an inexplicably vast collection too. Re. decluttering, I’ve found it easiest to pick one area to tackle at a time (weird corner in hallway, sideboard etc) as a whole room is so daunting. Good work on your list – your off to a flying start!

  2. Great start, Caroline! I’m the last person on earth to advise about decluttering but there’s a Flylady Thread on the MoneySavingExpert website which is brilliant. xxx

  3. Hi there.
    I tried the Flylady a while ago and whilst some of it works – some is OTT (IMO)
    So which 4 films have we got left to watch then?
    I am ashamed to tell you how many year’s worth of books I have sat waiting to be read;)
    Talking of getting new built in bookshelves (and the ceilings in that room are 10ft high) to accommodate them all.
    Going to attack the cupboards in my laundry room this week. She says.

  4. Inspired by you, last week I cleared a part of the kitchen worktops that was covered with junk, a small table in the lounge covered with magazines etc so felt quite pleased with myself – just the rest of the house to do. When are you off to Spain again? I go on the 25th.

  5. Oooh perfectly timed post! While I was away on hols I made a short To Tackle list of areas in my flat that just need a good old sort out. The plan is to sort one area out a week. Last week I made a start sorting out my emails on the 2 email accounts I have.

    This week I’m tackling THE FILING (that needs to be read in a suitably dramatic voice because THE FILING in our house is pretty frightening)

    Looking forward to reading your progess


  6. Oh how I wish I could get up the energy to do this! Good idea about transferring bookmarked pages to Wishpot. Why on earth didn’t I think of that?! As for a plan, have you tried Flylady? Some people find it OTT but she does give you good tips.

  7. When I read your post the other week I went out and grabbed the folder of all my torn out from mags recipes and sorted them. Ditched a few, wrote a list of the ones remaining and have cooked a few since! So thanks for the kick up the butt. And jam crumblie with custard is fab I ‘ve now found!
    Lisa x

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